Meet Lexa and learn all about her crystal shop, Apothecary of Crystals Inc.

Lexa Palacio fell in love with crystals, which ultimately inspired her to start her small business brand, Apothecary of Crystals Inc. Today, HOLR is sitting down to chat with Lexa about how she got her start in the crystal community, and what makes her brand so unique.

Keep reading to find out Lexa’s beginnings, how she sources her crystals, and how to shop her brand!

Tell us about yourself and how you started your crystal shop, Apothecary of Crystals Inc.

Most of my career was in Luxury Retail Management until I felt I needed something more and went to see a Spiritual Adviser who advised my Chakras weren’t aligned. Not knowing a thing about Chakras I started investigating which led me to my first crystal shop. I fell in love with the vibe, the instant magic I felt was alluring and I went back 3 times that week for more crystals and books.

I wanted more information on crystals so took to Instagram and found an entire Crystal Community and Instagram Live Crystal Sales! That was it, 2 months later I started @Apothecaryofcrystals and hosted my first live sale. It was exhilarating and so rewarding to connect with people from around the world sharing our passion for crystals and making friendships along the way. I’ve been hosting weekly sales for 3 years now! I’m also studying to become a Certified Crystal Healer and hope to graduate in 2022.

How do you source your crystals?

My favourite thing about my work is ethically sourcing crystals. It’s extremely important that I personally meet my vendors and establish great relationships based on trust and ethical sourcing. Hand selecting crystals for quality and energy is the most important thing I do when selecting these healing tools.

I travel to Gem Shows all around North America, and I’m actually in Tucson Arizona for the Worlds Largest Gem show right now!

What are some of your favourite crystals and why?

If I had to choose I would say Phosphosiderite for Spiritual Growth and it’s my Favourite Color, Natural Citrine for Abundance and Prosperity, and Gem Lepidolite for Calming my Stress and Anxiety.

Where can we shop your products and what are some of your best sellers?

I have a website www.apothecaryofcrystals.com and I host my live sales 3-4 times a month on my Instagram Page @apothecaryofcrystals this is a fun interactive way to learn about crystals and their properties and meet new friends.

Some top sellers on my website are the Heart Healer Crystal Kit, Sage Wands, and The Oracle decks.

What’s next for you? Are there are plans you can hint to that are in the works for 2022?

This is such an exciting time for my small business. Taking it from an online platform to a storefront has been a dream and it’s finally manifested. We plan on opening in Spring 2022 in the quaint town of Cambridge, Ontario where I currently reside. After that who knows, maybe another location in Toronto my hometown.

Also, in the long term, I’m planning on writing a Crystal book and working on an Oracle deck. These are just dreams, but who knows the store was a dream too and now it’s happening. All I can say is stay tuned for more magic!

Published by HOLR Magazine.