Congrats, you did it!

Whether you’re graduating from high school, college or another meaningful milestone, you can use these tips and tricks to create your very own at-home graduation celebration.

Take grad photos by building your own set-up

Create your own at-home photo booth and smile for the camera! Set up a fun backdrop and print or purchase some cute props you can hold for pictures like mini graduation caps and diplomas. This is perfect for indoor or outdoor celebrations and you can customize your set-up any way you like! For fun keepsakes, you can take photos using a Polaroid camera so family and close friends can have the photos for years to come.

Create a delicious spread for the day

It’s your day to shine so make sure you have some delicious snacks on hand for you and your loved ones you are celebrating with to enjoy. Ensure you have a mixture of sweet and salty snacks to satisfy everyone’s cravings, but you can also get creative with things like plating the food or the drink menu! Serve up some signature cocktails (or mocktails!) by looking up unique recipes online or try plating your food in different ways, as seen below.

Come up with a fun theme!

Themes can make or break your party so go all out and think of some fun ways to tie in your favourite things! For instance, how about “The World is Your Canvas” theme with a paint your own canvas set up for guests? If you’re celebrating virtually, you can have guests purchase their own painting supplies and you can have a paint and sip at-home party from the comfort of your own home! For those of us who love food-themed parties try a taco-themed grad or a donut-themed celebration.

Create your own special moment!

You may not be walking across a graduation stage but you can still create your own at-home “stage” and have your own mini moment to remember forever. The best part is you can customize your stage to fit your personality. If you’ve always wanted to walk the red carpet, make that your stage! Invest in some red fabric and create your own red carpet moment to pick up your diploma. You worked hard for it so you deserve it!

Have a blast decorating!

Have your party your way and decorate your at-home graduation with fun party décor to make the most out of your celebration. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your space with colourful flowers, and balloons or want to personalize outdoor seating with printed name tags, the possibilities are endless.

Make sure to enjoy your day and give yourself and pat on the back because you did it!