It’s quite rare for people to have any level of admiration for bugs. It’s downright nonexistent that people like them crawling around their home – even for those that like bugs. It is quite hard to keep all of the bugs out of our houses at all times. Especially during warmer seasons, when we like to keep our windows open.

Having all of that in mind, the chance will always exist that a specific type of bug is going to reside somewhere around your home. But, there are efficient ways in which you can lower that chance substantially. In this article, we will talk about the best practices in which you can do so.

Think about opting for pressure-treated wood

Thinking about insect prevention in the house should also include your nearest outdoor areas. So, if you have a deck, you must do some things to prevent insects from coming to your home. Crickets, termites, and other insects tend to be attracted by any kind of wood. You can check out these tips for getting rid of crickets and try preventing them from coming to your home in the first place. If you plan to renovate and have problems with insects, you might want to think about using pressure-treated wood for your deck. 

The reason for this lies in the fact that pressure-treated wood is made in such a manner that it is protected from insects, rot, and moisture in general. Making sure that you use the best stain for pressure treated wood is going to ensure further that the wood is fully protected. It should be noted, though – all of this doesn’t mean that you can overlook proper maintenance! For best results, you need to ensure that the deck is clean and well maintained.

The kitchen must be kept clean

Leaving a sink full of dirty dishes, crumbs on the kitchen counter… Okay, now and then, it happens to all of us. But the problem with scenarios like these lies in the fact that bugs are heavily attracted to leftover food. 

Just to give you an idea about which insects are attracted to what, let’s talk about connections between food and bugs. Ants are the first to go after anything sweet. And once you see one or two ants, the probability is high that there is more, but you can’t spot them yet. Another common kitchen bug, the Indian meal moth, is, for self-explanatory reasons, frequently called a grain moth. These bugs always hang around rice, flour, nuts, and similar. We also have flour beetles that come after flour, cake mixes, and even chocolate and similar.

After the last paragraph, it’s probably clear that you need to take care that your kitchen is clean. Of course, it doesn’t need to be spotless, but there are some things that you need to prioritize. For starters, crumbs anywhere is a no-go. Dishes shouldn’t hang around the sink area for long. Also, make sure that you store your food properly – that is arguably the most important tip here.

Damp areas are problematic – keep them dry

So, we are already clear about the fact that bugs seek food. But the thing is, food is not the only thing that attracts them. A lot of bugs are also drawn to the water. More precisely, the optimal environment for bugs is a damp, warm area. 

What insects are we talking about exactly? Well, pests like silverfish, springtails, and house centipedes. These are, without a doubt, creatures that you don’t want roaming around your house. 

At this point, you’re probably wondering how you can ensure that you have made your home less prone to attracting these bugs. The first thing you need to ensure is to fix leaky faucets, drains, and pipes if there are any. These leaks are the most prominent reason for damp areas. Secondly, if you have an air conditioner or a washing machine, you must make sure they are working correctly. Proper maintenance is the key here! 

Lastly, let’s talk about the areas in your home that are intrinsically damp. The first one that comes to mind is the basement or an attic. Because these are the dampest places in a typical home – it’s no wonder that that’s the area where pest infestations happen the most. So, how can you make sure that such an infestation doesn’t happen? The best way is to buy and install a dehumidifier. This is quite an easy solution to the problem in question.

It should also be mentioned that dampness causes other problems like mold and rotting wood, so – make sure that you take care of this issue!

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In the end, it all pretty much boils down to being vigilant and maintaining your home correctly. Even if a bug does end up in your home, if you did your job right – there will be nothing to keep bugs in. So, start cleaning and continue doing regular maintenance – and everything will be alright.

Published by HOLR Magazine.