Student life can be tough at times. College student have to attend classes, work on their assignments, revise for their exams, participate in extracurricular activities and find time to socialize with friends. You’ve probably had moments when you just wanted to escape the stress and work overload. Working on assignments that have tight deadlines can be extremely difficult when you have other obligations such as work or family. 

To relieve stress and perform at your peak, you need to take breaks regularly. Fortunately, the school calendar is filled with holidays and weekends that you can take advantage of. Students have a lot of opportunities to travel for education purposes. However, the biggest issue is money. In this post, we are going to share with you five useful Lifehacks that you can use to travel in luxury on a budget. Let’s get started!

Don’t be a tourist, be a traveler

The main difference between a tourist and a traveler is the amount of money they spend. Tourists go on expensive tours and spend thousands of dollars on fancy gifts for their loved ones. As a student, you need to be smart by choosing about managing your money, because very often students spend money on clothes, food, paying bills, as well as sometimes using online services to help study. Mostly such services are used by students who like to travel a lot and they do not always have time to do their homework (writing essays, dissertations, coursework, research papers, etc.). It takes the most time to write a research paper, so students who like to travel a lot and not sit at home doing homework are ready to pay Studyclerk to do your research paper. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get a research paper passed with an “A” without interfering with travel. Thanks to services like Studyclerk you can save a lot of time to study and spend this time on more important things (travel, new acquaintances, etc.).

Study in advance the places where you will eat

Having a meal at a designated tourist spot can drain your savings. Always be on the lookout for spots where locals go to eat. By walking a few meters away from where most tourists eat, you’ll find restaurants and cafes that offer delicious foods at reasonable prices. Find time to study or to stay on top of things at school. 

Choose your flights carefully

The one thing that most students forget while planning to travel is avoiding airports during holidays and travel seasons. Holidays and traveling seasons usually have endless queues, booking flight hassles, and high costs. You should always travel before or after the traveling season. During this time, hotels and airlines cut down their prices to attract travelers. Therefore, you’ll have an opportunity to get the best deals.

Visit unexpected destinations

Most students dream of visiting Spain or Italy. However, such destinations tend to attract a lot of people and can be too expensive. Fortunately, there are a lot of travel destinations that will help you cut down your costs. And they are usually located in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and Central America. While these destinations might not be at the top of your list, you’ll enjoy your vacation without spending thousands of dollars. Always ask your friends or relatives and check travel forums to find the best destinations for students. As you do your research, always remember to pack according to the climate of your chosen destination.

Choose cheap hotels

Hotel costs can cost you a fortune. When looking for cheap accommodation, a hostel can be a great option for you. You’ll get to make new friends and reduce your living expense by almost half. If you decide to go with Airbnb, always read the reviews and ratings before paying for a room. You can also stay at your relatives’ or friends’ place to save on accommodation.


Traveling doesn’t have to cost you a fortune especially if you are a student. All you have to do is choose your destination carefully and create a plan that will help you achieve your objectives. Start packing as early as you can and figure out the amount of money that you’ll need to have a good time. As you travel, don’t get lost in your new world. This is especially true if you have assignments or tests that you need to complete. You can read while traveling to save time and ensure that you get good grades. Managing your time effectively and prioritizing will help you stay on top of things and achieve your goals.

Author Bio:

Cory Shilling is a talented proofreader and editor. She loves helping students unlock their potential and achieve their long-term goals. She enjoys painting and socializing with loved ones during her free time.

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