There are a few pieces of survival gear that you can’t go out in the wilderness without whether you’re testing your survival skills, studying the Bear Grylls Adventure Park woods, or visiting the engrossing wilderness of Alaska. You can’t go out into the wild without being properly prepared. There will always be a chance of you coming across something you didn’t expect. Outdoor emergencies happen all the time, and when they happen, you need to have the right set of gear. This includes items like a flashlight, a first aid kit, proper clothing, and kitchen essentials. However, there’s more to pack if you’re planning to spend a couple of days out in the forest. This article will tell you everything you need to hear about going out in the wild and how to prepare for it.

First Aid Kit 

When you think of a survival first aid kit, you need to think of more than antibiotic ointments as well as Band-Aids that serve to treat these specific injuries that come up in emergency situations. When assembling your first aid kit, opt for gauze pads to treat larger wounds, and of course, elastic bandages are your best bet. You’ll find that ACE bandages are the go-to option, and these elastic bandages can be useful for many purposes, steri-strips for wounds with uneven edges, splints for fractures, and alcohol prep pads. This can be simplified by getting a first aid kit that is made specifically for outdoor survival. Remember to keep the kit in your pack all the time as you don’t want to travel miles to get it when a disaster happens.


A Topographic Map

Topographic maps are handy even if you’re just going on a short day hike in a place you’re familiar with. This is because it’s not uncommon for people to get lost and turned around once they step off-trail. Even in the most familiar and frequently visited areas. However, it’s not very likely for you to lose your way while hiking or going on a backpacking trip. It’s always smart to learn how you can read and navigate a topographic map so that you can become familiar with the areas you visit.


A Compass   

A compass is just as important as a topographic map. If you know how to use and read a compass correctly, you’ll find it very useful along with other tools or even on its own. A compass is also lightweight which makes it a valuable item in your Premier Outdoor Gear that is easier to carry and operate while on the go. You can always take orienteering classes with your mountaineering organization or local outfitter to learn how to precisely use a classic survival tool like the compass.

brown, classic compass located on a window sill with a blue background.


Whether you’re planning for an outdoor adventure in the wilderness or taking a simple hike through the mountains, having rope with you is essential for so many situations. A contemporary twist transformed the traditional rope into the modern paracord that is designed specifically for survival situations. Now, paracord is made from sturdy, lightweight nylon attached to multiple fiber strands. It can be used for so many versatile purposes such as repairing gear, rigging tarps, and making fishing lines by taking it apart and sewing threads out of it. It can also be made into a stronger and broader rope by braiding paracord together.


A Headlamp or Flashlight

Imagine being lost in a backcountry region or being stuck in an emergency situation and not being able to see properly in the dark. Being forced to manage in the dark is not a situation you want to be stuck in when you’re outdoors. This is why having a small pocket-size flashlight or a headlamp is one of the most important things to pack before going out.


A Water Filtration System

Our bodies can only survive for 3 days without hydration. It’s crucial to have more water on you than you think you would need, but it’s also just as important to have a water filter on hand so that you can treat the water you collect in case you run out of water and have to wait for help. Water must also be treated before repairing gear, cleaning wounds, and cooking food.

It doesn’t matter where you plan to hike, camp, or simply discover mother nature, what matters the most is being prepared for these outdoor activities and packing the right gear. You need all the equipment and supplies that can keep you sheltered, safe, and help you make food whenever you’re hungry. You also need to learn how you can use this set of tools whenever exposed to unpredictable outdoor situations. This list contains all the essentials you’re going to need whenever going out into the wild.