The guitar is one of the most beloved musical instruments played across a wide range of cultures around the world. Picking up a guitar for the first time can be a life-changing experience for many as they feel the music flow through their fingers.

However, mastering the art of playing guitar can be a difficult task with many dedicating decades of their life to their art form. Learning the ropes of guitar playing is far easier to do with an experienced teacher helping you to iron out poor form while helping you to pick up healthy playing techniques with greater speed.

One of the great things about the interconnected online world we live in today is how straightforward it is to get lessons online no matter what you’re trying to learn. Utilising guitar lessons online is a fantastic way to get to grips with this famous art form and start expressing yourself musically.

Why Go Online For Lessons?

There’s a number of reasons why guitar lessons online are extremely beneficial. While lessons in person have their perks, online guitar lessons are just as effective at developing your guitar playing skills, and there are several unique advantages to getting lessons online which you won’t find elsewhere.

With many top online resources and websites available like TrustyGuitar, you can instantly compare different software, gain world-class guitar tips, or learn more about guitars with just a few clicks. Here you can learn how to play both acoustic and electric guitar, taking in wisdom from masters of the art.

Other benefits of learning guitar online include:

No Need For Traveling

If you’re going for guitar lessons in person, there’s always an element of travel involved. Some guitar teachers could be an hour away from your home depending on where you live. With online lessons there’s no need for you to leave the house as everything is done via the internet.

When you add the costs of transportation, whether it’s by public transport or car, to the cost of your lessons, the hourly rate goes up dramatically. By eliminating the need for traveling, online guitar lessons give you more for your money.

Additionally, it can grow tiresome to continually travel to and from your guitar lessons, especially if it’s over long distances. Lugging your guitar through public transport or trudging through bad weather to reach your lesson can take the shine off the whole experience.

Schedule Around Your Life

Due to the flexibility of online lessons and the lack of travel time needed, many online teachers are happy to stick to a lesson schedule that fits into your life. Lessons can easily be delayed or brought forward through a simple online message, or you can book a different time-slot each week if your schedule varies from week-to-week.

Revisit Your Lessons

One thing you can’t easily do in person, is record your lesson and watch it back. With online lessons, you can easily download software to capture your lesson in its entirety. Of course, you’ll need your tutor’s consent to do this, but if permitted it can significantly improve the entire learning experience.

The main advantage here is you can rewatch your lesson and go over the teachings with a fine comb, helping to consolidate everything you were taught and improve recollection. Lessons given in person can easily slip the mind, but with a full recording of your lesson you can re-listen to everything and help it stick.

Alternatively, if you’re learning from video lessons, you can quite easily watch and rewatch videos over and over until you fully grasp the lesson. Your source material is available when you need it most, so you can get in some late night practice or take in some wisdom in the middle of the day.

Cheaper Hourly Costs

You’ll also see a big benefit to your bank balance if you choose to get guitar lessons over the internet. Along with eliminating travel costs, guitar lessons are considerably cheaper compared to traditional rates. A lot of online guitar lessons will charge a flat fee for the entire course, rather than charging an hourly rate. This is ideal if you really plan to put in the time to learn guitar, as you can take in lessons as much as you want and get the best value for your money.

Many master guitarists will record their lessons and make them available as part of a course. This is a far more cost-effective way of getting their wisdom out. However, if you do want a personalized approach to guitar lessons, one-to-one lessons are also available with many teachers to help you perfect any troublesome issues you’re having.

Get Practicing Immediately

If you’re receiving hourly lessons with a teacher in person, most of the lesson will involve absorbing the information they’re giving you. This leaves very little time to actually put these lessons into practice, as you’re expected to do this in your own time. When you also factor in the time it takes to travel home, you can forget half the lesson you’ve learned by the time you get home.

When learning guitar lessons online, you can immediately put your newly-acquired skills into action. The first practice you have is the most vital to consolidating everything you’ve learned, so it’s hugely beneficial to be able to do this right away, especially when such a huge store of information is fresh in your mind. Just see where dedication to practice and learning at home got this up-and-coming musician.

The Pressure Is Off

Many guitarists like to practice their craft, especially techniques they’re not yet familiar with, in privacy. If your lessons are pre-recorded, there’s no pressure on you to perform immediately in front of someone. This helps remove any kind of pressure of being observed, giving the student a serene atmosphere where they can flatten out any bumps in their guitar game. Although any budding guitar player will need to learn how to play in front of a crowd eventually, having the option to make mistakes in private can be very helpful for beginners.

Getting Personalized Lessons

Going online and getting one-to-one guitar lessons is highly recommended for beginners to the craft. World-class lesson providers can offer instant practical and artistic advice to help get beginners off the ground. All of this from the comfort of your own home, with the freedom to pick your own schedule.

Beginners are especially in need of personal tutoring. One of the problems of simply picking up a guitar and strumming away is that individuals can soon develop poor technique. If you’re continually practicing guitar with poor technique, this will eventually become ingrained as permanent habits and hinder your ability to progress. For example, it can be a lot harder to learn chord progressions if your finger placement has been incorrect since day one.

Having a professional guitar teacher go over your technique carefully couldn’t be more important. This is why it’s a very good idea to consider getting personalized, one-to-one guitar lessons online. It will help you learn quicker as an expert can tailor lessons around your weakest points.

Learning From Masters

It’s equally important for intermediate and expert players to take in musical wisdom from the experts. Online guitar lessons with seasoned musicians can help experienced guitarists take their playing to the next level. After reaching a certain level of guitar playing, it can be difficult to break through into the expert threshold without having an expert themselves guide you.

The real masters of the art draw upon carefully-honed techniques and wisdoms passed down from teacher to teacher. No matter how good you think you are, there’s always more to learn. Advanced guitar playing techniques can be rather difficult to learn from a Youtube video, or from a book. You’re going to make much better progress getting proper guitar lessons to learn what you’re doing wrong.

Choose Your Ideal Teacher

Often a budding musician is limited to the choices in their local area due to travel considerations. This isn’t ideal, as sometimes you don’t click with a teacher but there’s no other options available. By going online you quite literally have the whole world to choose from.

Look for a teacher that reflects your playing style, or has that special something that appeals to you. Some guitar teachers will have a niche, like jazz or heavy metal, so you can master elements of a specific musical style from a true expert. Time and distance is no longer an issue for you, so you can receive guitar lessons from a master musician no matter where you are on the globe.


Getting guitar lessons no longer requires visiting a teaching studio or college classroom. With the wonders of the internet age, you can link up with guitar masters from around the world with ease. There are several unique benefits to learning guitar online which you won’t get with conventional lessons.

Levelling up your guitar game is now just a few clicks away, and you don’t have to worry about expensive travel costs either. Online guitar lessons are incredible value for money, allowing you to benefit from true musical wisdom at just a fraction of the usual price. Whether you’re looking for videos to learn from, or want one-to-one tutoring to master your instrument, going online is now the smartest option.