Some guitar accessories can help you progress faster in the early stages of your guitar journey. They also allow you to overcome challenges easily and reduce the frustration of not executing the chords perfectly.

If you just crossed the threshold of your guitar journey, below are some must-have accessories to secure to smoothen the path.

Beginner Guitar Accessories You Need

The early stages of learning an instrument are often the hardest, guitar learning being no exception. To speed up your development time and help you get the hang of your instrument faster, make sure to secure the following items:

Guitar Tuner

Of course, this is expected. If you haven’t already bought this accessory, get one as soon as possible.

Truth be told, it’s quite a boring item, though that doesn’t matter because it’ll get you strumming those chords like a pro in no time. You need to learn how to tune your guitar to perfection as early as now.

A tuner also helps develop an ear for tuning, which is more often acquired during the learning process as it is a natural gift. It can take time for one’s ears to know what sounds pleasant and what doesn’t. Tuners help you start off in tune and remove the frustration that typically comes from being out of tune at the onset.

Maintenance Kit

Generally, quality guitars aren’t cheap. Some models can even cost a considerable chunk of change. That means one must take care of their instrument well, so that it provides them plenty of useful years. There’s also something about knowing how to care for an instrument that’s linked to faster development.

A lot of guitar experts have attested to this. Not to mention, there’s something so admirable about one’s love for his instrument.

Guitar toolkits should help keep your guitar in shape for years. Of course, some kits are better than others, so be sure to research and acquire a suitable one for your needs. Essentially, your kits should contain the following:

  • Microfiber cloth for cleaning and polishing
  • A wire cutter for safely changing strings
  • A peg winder for winding new strings tightly
  • A hex wrench set and screwdriver for adjusting intonation and action
  • Cleaning products for the fretboard


While not right away, you will need a capo sometime during your journey. There are songs you can only play using one. It also makes other songs easier to execute.

The item is something you clamp onto a guitar that lets you strum chords on the instrument’s higher-neck area. Acoustic guitar players typically use capos, but you should still find one useful even if you don’t often play that genre.

A capo tends to be a must-have for entry-level players because it can make chord strumming easier. It is especially necessary for child learners or adult learners with smaller hands.

Drum Machine

When it comes to impact on beginner playing, the drum machine takes the cake. This tool should shave a few years off development time and boost rhythm skills in ways that aren’t possible without the item.

Often called metronomes, the best versions of these don’t come in the form of hardware. They come in software that you can download on your smartphones.

These applications have broader features, more flexibility, and higher precision than their hardware counterparts. They will also allow you to customize rhythm patterns and accents and use different sounds and time signatures.

Other Guitar Accessory Considerations

From must-have accessories for learners, we now move on to other gear that could be useful based on the circumstances surrounding your journey. Here are other beginner items you should consider and when you should consider them:

  • Humidifiers

Humidifiers are especially important to secure if you own an acoustic guitar. These devices come in various types to place in your instrument’s soundhole or case to keep the guitar in good condition. You may also opt for a room humidifier in case you own several guitars.

  • Slides

Don’t overlook the guitar slide if you’re looking to learn blues. Aside from helping develop your sense of pitch, it’s also a fun accessory to play with. You can get one in either glass or metal.

  • Guitar Stand

One good reason to acquire a guitar stand is that it just tempts you to practice and hone your craft. That has to do with the item letting you see your guitar out in the open and not inside a bag, where it’s likely to stay hidden more often than not as you’re starting out.

Choose Accessories Based on Your Needs

Aside from the four beginner must-haves, you may or may not find other accessories essential to your journey. Just focus on the ones you need for the time being since that should also help reduce the cost of learning the guitar. Then again, you also have to be open to the fact that you might need some of these accessories later.


Published by HOLR Magazine