1) Open curtains or blinds to take advantage of natural lighting

2) Buy long-lasting, low energy compact fluorescent lights (CFL) or light emitting diodes (LED)


3) Repair leaky faucets or hoses

4) Install low flow toilets, faucets, showerheads, and tankless hot water tanks


5) Install programmable thermostats lowering temperatures at night and when you’re away

6) Seal air leaks around doors and windows with weather-stripping and caulking

7) Insulate hot and cold water pipes with foam sleeves or wrap


8) Use power bars with a timer or master plug that turns off devices overnight

9) Unplug as many appliances and devices as you can when not in use


10) Make an effort to adopt smart lifestyle choices. For example:

  • Turning the faucet off while brushing your teeth
  • Adjusting dishwashers and washing machines to match your load size
  • Using refillable water bottles
  • Using reusable grocery bags
 TJ has over 25 years’ experience buying thousands acres of land, building thousands of homes, and developing dozens of communities across Ontario.  TJ, brother Ernie, and sister Elem were born into a ‘real estate and construction’ family founded by their father, Tony Sr. who arrived from Italy in 1957 at age 16. He learned to drywall for the housing industry, and seven years later he founded Torino Drywall, which he quickly grew into one of Canada’s largest trades. Tony Sr. also began purchasing farm land to eventually develop both homes and industrial buildings, which became Country Homes and Tonlu Properties. In 2017, the family created the Rinomato Group of Companies to showcase its integrated business approach comprised of Country Homes, Torino Drywall, and Tonlu Properties.   All three siblings contribute to the growth and success of this family business.  



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