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With Fashion Month just gone, millions of fashionistas around the world are left dreaming about what’s to come in 2023. But if you are looking to take part in one of next season’s “Big 4” fashion shows, you should start getting ready for it now!

The limited tickets for the shows that are open to the public combined with highly exclusive industry runways make NY Fashion Week an event only accessible to a few. In this guide, you’ll learn how to prepare for the next Fashion Week and get invited to upcoming haute couture events. 

First Things First: What to Expect from New York Fashion Week

To prepare yourself for the next NY Fashion Week, it is essential to understand what to expect. Firstly, you should know that New York – as well as Paris, London, and Milan – hosts two Fashion Weeks a year, one in February and one in September. 

Each NYFW offers two types of events, industry fashion shows and open-to-the-public runways. While the first type of event requires you to be invited by the designers, you can easily buy tickets for public shows. 

What’s more, before attending NYFW, it is important to understand how your favorite model will look on the runway. For example, the way Bella Hadid looks on the runway might make it hard to recognize her or fully appreciate her talent. Make sure to research your preferred designers, models, and fashion houses before attending. 

10 Unmissable Tips To Make The Most of Your NY Fashion Week Experience

Unless you are a celebrity, participating in the NYFW may be a once-in-a-lifetime event. With the tips below, you can make the most of this experience:

  • Research your event in advance – each fashion week and runway will have its own themes and peculiarities. For example, the last London Fashion Week began with a tribute to Queen Elizabeth. Learn what to expect before the show to better appreciate it!
  • Book your hotel in advance – traveling to and from the NYFW might not be straightforward, especially as you’ll be visiting the city at one of its busiest moments. Avoid looking tired or sleepy by honing your travel plans in advance. 
  • Be ready to navigate the city – with such a tight schedule to follow, NYFW shows rarely run on time and some of them might continue late into the night. Use the navigation and public transportation apps to avoid unnecessary stress. 
  • Plan your outfits – NYFW is a world-class fashion event, and you should be prepared to show off your best outfit. However, don’t forget that comfort is just as important! Bring a pair of flats with you and a dress for you!
  • Clarify your schedule – If you are attending more than one show, clarify your schedule before traveling to the NYFW, and make sure that you have enough time to travel between one runway and another!
  • Consider going to afterparties – NYFW’s afterparties are an integral part of the experience. Try to get invited to the afterparty hosted by your favorite designers or fashion houses.
  • Bring your business card with you – if your dream is to work in fashion, the NYFW is the perfect occasion to build a network of industry connections. Start building relationships and make an impact by handing out your business card. 
  • Take some extra time off – NYFW can be hectic, and while it will definitely be an exciting experience, it can also be a stressful one. Make sure to take an extra day off before and after the main event to make the most of it!
  • Look after your health – Fashion Weeks can be heavy on your mental and physical health. Look after yourself by drinking plenty of water, changing into more comfortable shoes, and getting plenty of sleep. 
  • Enjoy the show! 

With these tips, you are ready to start checking out the 2023 Fashion Week schedule and book your tickets.

Getting Invited to NY Fashion Week: 10 Strategies Worth Trying

As seen above, you can buy tickets for the NYFW shows that are open to the public. But what if you are looking to attend one of the more exclusive industry shows? 

You can increase the chances of getting invited by registering with the NYFW producers directly, taking a job in the industry, helping out at the NYFW as a volunteer, taking fashion classes at fashion schools in NYC, or starting a fashion blog. 

If everything else fails, you can still consider getting dressed up and waiting outside of the gates – you might be chosen to fill an empty seat!

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