Customization is an ongoing trend nowadays, and you can find this in different industries, from fashion and manufacturing to service providers and even restaurants. Consumers like to personalize everything according to their preferences, so it’s understandable you’re browsing for tips on customizing your clothing. There’s a sense of pride in standing out from the crowd, looking unique as ever, as you wear clothes like no other.

Fortunately, there are many ways and techniques to modify your clothing pieces to make them originally yours. Whether you have a brand-new luxurious shirt or a vintage dress you want to elevate, there are surefire ways to inject your personality into them. With customization tools and crafting skills, you’ll be amazed to end up with unique clothes that your friends would surely ask where you got them.

Apply the following easy ways to customize your clothing:


Add Embroidery 

This first technique is familiar to anyone fascinated with crafts and arts. The art of embroidery has been around for centuries, and people have used it for decorating and even fixing clothes. 

While this is an old craft, there’s a rising trend for embroidered clothes once again. Some branding companies like Shop Strange Screen Printing & Embroidery offer services to support your unique style. You can have your shirts, pants, shoes, and accessories embroidered in no time. 

You can accessorize your clothing with this old-fashioned craft made with needles and thread. You can choose an original design and play with different colors. Templates can be used to embroider anything onto your shirt or jeans, from cute cartoon characters to esthetic flowers. 

If you have the skill to do this method, you can definitely do it independently. Otherwise, reach out to professional embroidery providers equipped with advanced machines to make your embroidery project flawless. 


Sew Patches Onto Them 

A patch is another easy way to customize clothing. When you check out art shops or browse online stores, you’ll find a wide assortment of patch choices. The good news is they’re very cheap, and you can use them to fix some rips, stains, and other imperfections on your favorite clothing. Custom ones can even be made for you.  

Patches can easily be attached to almost any fabric. With some tools like a glue gun or sewing kit, you can recreate your current boring clothes into something fresh and unique.

There are other ways to attach patches, and some of them come with an easy iron-on backing, so you don’t have to sew or use glue. Wearing jackets with patches is definitely an excellent idea for people who want to dress casually with style. 


Cut Up And Sew 

Make your old shabby tees look new again by doing the snip-and-snap technique. Cutting them to your preferred length and style will give them a fresher look. Whether you cut the collar and braid the straps or tear off pieces of the bottom, you’ll end up with a cool T-shirt. 

Cuter, shorter dresses can be made from longer ones. Long-sleeved tops can be recreated into summer tank tops. There are many unique ways to spruce up your clothes by cutting and sewing them back again. All you need to do is come up with an idea, look for inspiration, and learn to cut and sew when necessary. 

Before cutting anything, ensure you have a legit doable idea in mind, so you won’t ruin your clothes. Also, try to cut straight so you won’t end up with a lopsided shirt.


Come Up With Custom Print Designs 

Custom shirts printed by screen printing and other methods remain popular today for various purposes. It’s common for people to have personalized, custom shirts, whether as gifts for friends and family or as clothes for special occasions. Even small and large companies use them as effective promotional and marketing items.

Photos, quotes, or even your own graphic art can be used for custom prints. This is a great way to customize the clothes you wear. Unless you share your design with someone else, your t-shirt will be one of a kind, and you’re the only one who’ll ever get to have it. Wearing custom printed shirts on casual days out is one of the best ways to let your personality shine through.


Go For Monogramming 

Opting for monograms is an excellent way to give your clothes a personal touch and demonstrate who you are. A monogram is generally any logo made up of initials. Apply this tip if you’re proud to share your initials and identification with the public. 

Your initials or whatever you desire can be printed, affixed, or embroidered onto a dress, shirt, or pair of jeans to create a truly unique piece of clothing. Another advantage is that it will help your friends quickly identify your garment if they encounter others who wear the same clothes. Go for the monogramming technique, as it’s relatively easy and cheap. 


Sew A Collar 

Adding a collar to your clothing is another creative customization idea. Dresses and tops that seem older can be updated with a collar. Check out your wardrobe and look for plain dresses and blouses that look great with collars. 

It’s important to note that you should consider what looks best with the top. Try to match the right collar design and color for overall shirt esthetics. Any fabric can be fashioned into a collar for a truly unique item. Learn from videos online and add a collar to your old shirts by yourself. 


Put Some Pins 

Pins are another craft tool that you can use to customize your clothes. Adorable and affordable enamel pins and collar pins can instantly transform a denim or leather jacket. And the good news is there’s no shortage of these decorative pins online.

Clothing can be adorned with pins to give them a more personalized look. A resurgence of this trend from the 1990s proves that decorative pins are stylish. Since fashion trends come and go, rejuvenate these pins and make your look inspired by the ’90s. 


Customize Through Engraving 

Adding accessories to your clothes is part of customizing them. You should include standard accessories to your overall look, like your wallet, bag, or shoes. Why not consider engraving your name, nickname, or initials onto them to customize these items?

This is an excellent way to identify your bag from the airport luggage conveyor quickly. Numerous companies offer an engraving service, some free while others at a minimal cost. Engraving is commonly available for leather bags and wallets. Other surfaces like metal and steel can also accommodate the engraving of your initials. 


Add Elbow Patches 

Modern-day fashion brings back elbow patches, a famous 20th-century trend. This is more popular for men’s wear than women’s, though. Men who have old and worn-out jackets and long-sleeved shirts can incorporate elbow patches to elevate their style. 

The patches aren’t just fashionable but also help protect your coat’s sleeves and keep you warm. Try adding elbow patches in a different color from the shirt or jacket for an eye-catching contrast. 


Get Creative With Fabric Pens 

Drawing on your clothes is possible with fabric pens. These permanent markings won’t fade on your shirts even after several washes. You can create art on your plain shirt and treat it like a canvas. Therefore, you can customize your clothes with whatever image or artwork you like. 

Aside from drawing, you can incorporate your favorite slogan, quotes, or verses. Even if you lack artistic ability, you can still make your shirt design look cool and unique through fabric pens. Make it abstract, and you’ll likely come up with an excellent design. 

Personalized pieces are just so unique. You know no one else has the exact same outfit as you when you put on the clothing you’ve designed. But be sure to use fabric markers correctly and try to choose the best fabric that can accommodate your permanent markings. 

Once done, do not toss it in the laundry to avoid color or ink transfers. It’s also best to design your art or print before drawing it on the shirt or fabric. You can create a stencil first or follow a template for designs. 


Add Gems and Bling To The Fabric 

Those who enjoy wearing sparkly stuff will benefit from this next tip. Adding some bling and sparkles to your clothing items is another bright idea to create customized clothing. Gemstones, sequins, and other shiny accessories are great alternatives to patches, pins, and drawings. 

Embellishing your clothes with gems and bling is pretty straightforward. All you need is a glue gun or needle and thread. Design your sequins and gemstones on your shirt and attach them accordingly. Make sure you handwash your shirt, so these beautiful additions won’t come off in the washing machine.


Try Tie Dye 

Put some life back into your boring cotton tees by dyeing them. There are various methods for tie-dying shirts. It can be the ombre or the classic technique, so try whatever works for you to elevate your shirts. This art project won’t cost more than a few bucks. 

Make a pattern that you’ll love with some great ideas you can find online. You’ll only need a few cheap supplies from the art store to get started. You can invite your friends or family over to do this art project with you. It’s exciting to see how unique your shirt would turn out after dying it. 



Customizing your clothes is an effective way to reflect your style and personality. In an era where customization is trending, you’ll benefit from various methods like embroidery, using patches, and cutting and sewing. 

As discussed above, it doesn’t take a lot of time, money, or effort to transform your old clothing and make them original and uniquely yours.