Lately, individuals have had to come together to deal with a crisis that is affecting the entire world. For many, this has resulted in not being able to see loved ones who we would normally turn to in times of need. One silver lining has been our ability to see the beauty in various forms of art and expression to fill the emotional void caused by physical distancing. Music is a great form of art and a powerful avenue for emotional expression. As such, below is a HOLR’s top Country quarantine picks that are sure to soothe the soul and brighten up your mood just in time for Spring!

Ryan Hurd ‘Every Other Memory’

A tune about heartbreak resonates with these times. Memories of parties and campfires written with electronic beats and underlying country tones give that ‘wrapped up in summer’ feel everyone is longing for.

Carly Pearce, Lee Brice ‘I Hope You’re Happy Now’

Kentucky-native Carly Pearce and South Carolina-based Lee Brice come together for this poignant duet. The traditional/contemporary crossover track draws listeners into the lines that contemplate two sides of a breakup.

Liddy Clark ‘Hit & Run’

Texan born Liddy Clark’s Hit & Run grabs your attention for its beautifully laid out intro melodies. The indie pop-country prodigy’s late 2019 track is about betrayal from loved ones that everyone can relate to.

Madysyn ‘Girlfriend’

A slow grooving track from young Californian talent Madysyn that tells tales of love and attachment in the current world. Banjo-inspired licks and pop-polished vocals make you want to stay and lend your ears.

Bailey Hefley ‘Dust on a Diamond’

Bailey’s track is all about finding your worth in a blind world. You could totally be floating in the atmosphere of the song as she croons about love wasted on those who don’t deserve you.

Levi Hummon ‘Hallelujah’

Nostalgia is the best emotion for quarantine times. Levi Hummon’s cover gives a personal touch to a classic and will leave you with goosebumps as he hits the right notes.

Russell Dickerson ‘Love You Like I Used To’

You can’t deny the old school charm of Russell Dickerson’s voice. The Tennessean paints with integrity how love evolves yet comes together to be stronger over time.

Gone West ‘Slow Down’

The mellowness of this tune is sure to drive you into a daydream. Even though the lyrics themselves are rife with images, you don’t want to miss the animated video on this one.

Walker Montgomery ‘Saving For A Rainy Night’

A song that does justice to its title and proves that music is always in the blood. Country star John Michael Montgomery’s son offers a track that is a must-have on your spring night listening list.

Luke Bryan ‘One Margarita’

There is something reassuring about Luke Bryan’s unique voice singing ‘we’ll all be alright’. This multiple award-winning singer/songwriter’s uplifting anthem is the right spin to forget all those worries that surround us

Amy Jack ‘If Not For Friends’

Who is up for a dance? Oklahoma native Amy Jack brings together the power of country music condensed into this groovy track and leaves you with unforgettable images of the countryside.

Cole Swindell ‘Love You Too Late’

The #1 track from Georgia-based Cole’s third album All of It could be the reason to make country music your favourite genre. The longing about expressing love too late is the theme of the track co-written by Brandon Kinney and Michael Carter.

We The Kingdom ‘Holy Water’

Nashville-based contemporary Christian group We The Kingdom has shaken up the Billboard. Taken off their debut EP, Live at the Wheelhouse, the number is a right mix of hopeful and happy vibes.