Up and coming Canadian artist Chantal Preston’s newly released music video for single Heart of Gold brings us back to late nights out, heartbreak and dancing our feels away.  

Heart of Gold takes the subject of heartache and covers it with an 80s-esque beat, aura and aesthetic. In her newly released EP and music video, Preston showcases the common theme of craving to be seen and completely accepted in a relationship. The often turbulent portrayal of “modern love” and lust is honest, yet the song also maintains a “dance-around-in-your-bedroom” type of sound. Preston does the job of combining retro undertones, while allowing her generation to be authentically represented. 

The music video’s visuals will capture and transport you into a time where the music never dies, and the club beats are electrifying. Echoes of Blondie’s Heart of Glass can definitely be heard, and you may just need to grab a scrunchie or “Walkman” to gain the full and immersive effect. The vibrant lighting and dancing scenes could be the temporary remedy that the doctor ordered for our year of isolation and unified silence. Preston’s loud and expressive sound caters to the video’s eccentric ambiance that can be reciprocated through the screen.

While the remnants of decades that have come and gone have found their place in the single and its accompanying video, the virtual ties of today have made their own necessary appearances. The over-indulgent perception of a perfect relationship often collides with the known-all-too-well reality of nuance and disingenuity disguised as love. Preston has taken this overcomplicated theme and simplified it into a “catchy” chorus and relatable lyrics.    


Not only does Heart of Gold attract the ears of those who may enjoy the essence of electric dance music, it also goes out to the people who have may have once felt unworthy of being involved in a meaningfully protected, and equally engaged romantic experience. We all have either shed those tears or consoled someone who has, so maybe behind the upbeat music there is the sound of a broken heart that is in the process of putting itself together once again. 

Published on Holr Magazine