What happened between 21 Savage and Adin Ross?

According to this TikTok video posted by user @noahglenncarter, 21 Savage reportedly “ruined his reputation” by seemingly cheating Adin Ross in a recent game.

21 Savage and Adin Ross

Image Credit: @noahglenncarter TikTok

Allegedly, 21 Savage just played a high-stakes card game with Adin Ross. There was reportedly $250K on the line and the entire event was being streamed online.

People in the chat on the stream noticed that the cards seemingly had “scratches” on them. Evidently, the cards being used were allegedly marked. However, this has not been officially verified- it is speculation at the moment.

21 Savage and Adin Ross

The whole bet was nullified but after 21 Savage left Ross’ house, Ross tested some dice 21 Savage apparently left behind- as a result he found out that the dice were seemingly rigged as well.

21 Savage was supposedly using rigged cards and rigged dice. Just a few days before this happened, 21 Savage had allegedly won $300K against Kai Cenat playing a game of Madden 24. This loss allegedly caused Cenat to break his gaming setup.

After this game against 21 Savage and Adin Ross, people are speculating if 21 Savage cheated in this other Madden 24 game against Cenat, somehow. However, this is being debated in the comment section of the above video.

What do you think about this alleged news and supposed drama between 21 Savage and Adin Ross? 

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