It is HBCU Homecoming Season!  

We’re walking you through HBCU Homecoming- here’s why it’s an experience like no other!

What is an HBCU? 

Spelman Graduation Picture

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According to HBCU Lifestyle, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), are institutions that were “founded on the belief that every individual deserves access to a college or higher education” specifically African American students who strive for academic excellence.

There are over 100 HBCUs today that graduate more African American students than other U.S colleges and universities. Some most successful African American celebrities have attended these illustrious institutions, Oprah Winfrey studied communications at Tennesse State University, Spike Lee studied at both Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University, and the Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris, graduated from Howard University in 1986 just to name a few. Aside from academics, HBCU culture is blissfully indescribable, there are numerous components that give HBCUs their urbanity but homecoming is the most important component of all! 

What is an HBCU Homecoming? 

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Homecoming at a Historically Black Colleges and Universities is the “annual highlight” for the campus and the community to celebrate black joy, black excellence, and black culture. Homecoming gives students, alumni, faculty, and prospective students the chance to celebrate themselves, and their accomplishments at their university. Homecoming for many African American students is filled with campus events, parties, football games, tailgates, and lots of excitement.   

Major events that happen during homecoming at HBCUs are:  

  • Homecoming Kick Off 
  • Coronation  
  • Pep Rally 
  • Homecoming Parade 
  • Homecoming Football Game  
HBCU Homecoming

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Celebrity sitings at HBCU Homecoming’s 2022 

Homecoming this year is one for the books, even though homecoming season isn’t over just yet we have seen some of the craziest homecoming performances, celebrity pop-ups, fashion choices, and tailgates thus far!  

Each HBCU has its own homecoming concert and this year students got the full homecoming experience by watching upcoming new artists headline at their school concert and perform their hit songs. At Tennesse State University, GloRilla the boundary-pushing female Rap Star performed her newest hits “F.N.F”, “Blessed”, and “Tomorrow” which had the crowd on fire. Dj Drama hosted his alma mater Clark Atlanta Univerity’s homecoming concert inviting artists like Gherbo and Nardo Wick to perform for the young crowd. But the most legendary performance took place at Spelman and Morehouse’s joint homecoming concert. Drake took the stage at the “SpelHouse” concert with a surprise performance alongside 21 Savage, the crowd was in a frenzy as they performed their song “Knife Talk”.   

Drake and 21 Savage

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We saw many celebrities having fun at different HBCU Homecomings this year.

In fact, Angelina Jolie was spotted at SpelHouse homecoming celebrating with her daughter Zahara Marley who attends the #1 HBCU in the country Spelman College. We also saw Snoop Dogg celebrating with Jackson State’s football team, the Jackson State Tigers after they dominated Campbell University 22-15.  

Fashion is the CULTURE 

Homecoming is the time to show off and show out! Making a fashion statement at an HBCU is a huge part of the culture, students value their clothes because it’s their way of expressing themselves on campus. HBCU homecomings are a known fashion show for everyone in attendance, and this year we saw students, alumni, faculty, and staff wear their Sundays best on different HBCU campuses. Ebony Magazine was able to capture some of the show-stopping outfits this year, let’s take a look.  

Spelman Fashion Picture

Image Credit: Melissa Alexander

HBCU Homecomings aren’t just about the performances, the fashion, or the celebrities. It is about African American students coming together and celebrating each other as a family, their experiences as minorities connect them in a way that is beyond just attending the same school. HBCU students are a part of a legacy that will continue to strengthen the African American Community.   

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