So, you’ve secured your place in one of the incredible apartments for rent in Scarborough and you’re planning your move to the Toronto area.Firstly, congratulations! Moving to a new area is always an exciting thing to do. It’s also a pretty scary thing to do and you’ve probably got a lot on your mind.

One of the most important things to think about when you’re relocating is employment. If you work remotely or you’re self-employed, this isn’t so much of an issue for you. However, if you are employed and your home state is too far away from Scarborough to commute every day, you’ll need to find a new job.

Since you are starting afresh in a brand-new area, why not take the opportunity to switch careers too? Scarborough is full of job opportunities and you will be easily able to find a high-paying job that you enjoy in the area.

To help you in your job hunt, here are three highest paying jobs in Toronto. Note that even if your workplace is elsewhere in the Toronto area but you live in Scarborough, there is a great public transport system that will make your commute quick and easy.



With an average salary of around 90,000 CAD, physiotherapy is a great option to go down if you are passionate about improving people’s lives and you’ve always been keen on working in the healthcare industry.

Physiotherapists can work in hospitals, community healthcare practices, and with sports teams. You will work with people of all ages to help rehabilitate them after an injury or illness. You may also work with disabled individuals who have limited movement.

To qualify as a physiotherapist, you will need a university degree, legal registration, and plenty of work experience.


Registered Nurse

Nurses administer medications to patients and provide treatment and care to optimize their health. This role also involves a lot of administration work and you will be required to keep accurate patient records.

Depending on the specialty and the level of experience that you have, you can earn up to 94,000 CAD as a nurse. You can choose to enter a range of different areas within the field, including pediatrics, mental health, geriatrics, oncology, and family nursing.

You will need to have a nursing degree and further specialty training, so it’s not a job that you can easily walk into. However, it’s worth taking the time to gain the right qualifications to enter such a rewarding and well-paid career.


Construction Manager

For potential earnings of around 98,000 CAD, you can become a construction manager where your day-to-day role involves managing one or more construction projects.

You will need to be highly organized and great with time management to succeed in this role. Every stage of the construction project process will need to run smoothly to ensure your projects are completed on time and to a high standard.

To become a construction project manager, you will need years of previous experience working on a construction site, with a diverse portfolio of successful projects.



If you love teaching people about oral hygiene, you’re great at communicating, and the idea of identifying and treating oral health problems fascinates you, dentistry might just be the perfect career path! As a dentist in Toronto, you have the potential to earn up to 110,000 CAD.

Dentists are the leading experts in oral hygiene and you will be providing your patients will top tips to keep their mouths healthy. You will also perform minor procedures to treat dental or facial injuries.


General Practitioner

For an impressive salary of up to 120,000 CAD, general practitioners work in primary healthcare facilities to provide care to patients of all ages and backgrounds.

As a general practitioner, you will treat common medical conditions and make referrals to specialists when a patient presents with a more complex problem.

You will need to complete a medical degree, followed by general practitioner training to qualify as a GP. This process can take up to 10 years. It’s a long road but it’s worth it to make a difference in so many lives and earn a great wage at the same time.



As a psychotherapist, you will work closely with a range of patients to help them work through difficult or stressful situations. Some of the most common issues that psychotherapists work with are anxiety, phobias, depression, stress, and relationship struggles. 

You can work in one-on-one or small group settings, providing helpful tools and resources for your patients to help them overcome or manage their problems. Potential earnings are around 125,000 CAD a year.

To become qualified as a psychotherapist in Canada, you must have a Master’s degree in counseling or a related field and you must be fully licensed by the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.


Marketing Director

For an impressive 170,000 CAD a year, you can become a marketing director in Toronto. Marketing is an extremely popular field that is expanding more and more each year.

With new brands forever popping up, you won’t struggle to find a great marketing director role in Toronto if you have the right qualifications and relevant experience.

You will need a degree in marketing or a related field, such as business studies or business management. After your degree, you will need a Master’s in marketing and years of marketing experience to slowly work your way up to a directorial role.

During your role as a marketing director, you will lead the marketing and communications teams for a company. You will be involved in creating strong and effective marketing campaigns and events to promote the brand and help it to succeed above its competitors.



Orthodontists can earn around 180,000 CAD each year. They are specialized dentists that are trained to identify, diagnose, and treat a range of tooth, gum, and jaw problems.

As a trained orthodontist, you will care for existing conditions and provide preventative treatments to ensure patients don’t end up with severe dental issues in the future. You will work with children and adults of all ages.

To qualify as an orthodontist in Canada, you will need to complete a dentistry degree, followed by additional postgraduate studies in Orthodontics. In total, qualifying as an orthodontist can take up to 10 years and you will need to accumulate hundreds of hours of work experience through dental placements during this time.


Medical Director

Medical directors earn an annual wage of more than 300,000 CAD. This impressive paycheck doesn’t come without responsibility and pressure.

The role of the medical director involves overseeing and leading multiple areas of a medical workforce. You may work in a hospital or in the community to manage the operations of healthcare facilities. 

Your top aim as a medical director is to ensure medical professionals are working in synergy so that patients are receiving optimal care. If something is not functioning optimally in the operational aspects of the healthcare facility, it’s your job as the medical director to implement the necessary changes to improve the existing business model.