Transitioning into the warmer seasons is always a good time because spring accessories can be just as exciting and playful as spring clothing.

An outfit is never complete without a little something extra added whether it is a pair of sunglasses, a purse, or hair enhancements, these items have the ability to change a great outfit into an excellent one.

At the moment, the season is calling for accessories that have been dubbed Insta-cool (you know when Instagram influencers make things look cool) and we know just the right stores for you to shop until you drop – or until you have reached your maximum limit.

Tinted Mini-glasses

We can not get enough of the micro-sunglasses trend, there is just something about mini items and millennial that goes hand in hand – this Matrix style accessory has been a major hit since Aaliyah to Bella Hadid. Although these glasses were dominate during the fall and winter , over the past few months the accessory has managed to level up. How you ask? Well this season is all about tinted micro glasses (cue the ooh’s and aah’s). Just like the weather, micro-sunglasses are getting brighter.

Light Scarves

Move over flower crowns and make way for the hair embellishment that is taking over our spring feeds. Generally we use scarves to snuggle our necks during those awfully cold winter winds, but they can also be used for other accessory purposes like adding some character to your purse. This multipurpose accessory can also be worn on your head whether you prefer to style your hair up or down. Light weight scarves are the perfect addition to spice up a casual outfit, there is no limit to what you choose to do with this piece.


Spring has the ability to bring out the vibrant and fun characteristics that you have been holding back in the fall/winter. You may have not noticed it (or maybe you have) but your personality is often reflected in your outfit choices, so this season let your character speak through your purses with unconventionally quirky shapes. Amp up your hand accessory with dynamic structures you have not tried before by pairing your outfit with a rubik’s cube or a strawberry. This could be the finishing touch to your great to excellent spring styles.

Tell us how you will be accessorizing your spring outfits this season and for more fashion trends follow us on Twitter and Instagram @HOLRMagazine