“Everything is based on simplicity, but goes one step further.”

These are the words of Club Monaco Co-Founder Alfred Sung. These words summarise what Club Monaco was founded on, aiming to provide an effortless, modern, take on the basics. In 1985, the first-ever Club Monaco store opened on Queen Street West in Toronto and opened itself up to its community. Since then, the brand has expanded massively worldwide and was bought by the Ralph Lauren Corporation. For their 35th anniversary, the store is looking back to its roots and releasing a collection that reflects on the company’s achievements, influences, and progress.

The 35th-anniversary collection highlights what has made the brand a staple in the wardrobes of many. From the timelessness of the pieces to their versatility and their quality. On the topic of the pieces in the collection, the brand stated:

Many of these styles were part of the very first Club Monaco collection and we’re looking forward to bringing them into the future with an emphasis on sustainable practices and materials, such as Responsible Wool and Responsible Silk, and Recycled Cashmere,”

Seeing the emphasis that the brand is placing on staying true to their roots is remarkable, and what is even more inspiring is how they’re bringing these classic items into the world of 2020. Updating the fit for a modern man and updating the materials to be more sustainable is an excellent way to modernize the traditional approach of this brand.

There appears to be a true evolution occurring for the brand. Although Club Monaco has always been known for producing high-quality essentials for the wardrobes of men and women, they also grow with the times. They have experimented with materials, fits, and colours to cater to new styles, whilst also staying true to their ethos of providing elevated essentials which evoke understated confidence. 

Things may be different to how they were in 1985, but with this 35th-anniversary collection Club Monaco provides the same high quality as always.


Borrem Blazer

An excellent year-round piece, the Borrem Blazer is crafted from a wool blend with high-quality hardware. The item comes in two colours, a traditional black colour for everyday wear, or a wonderful mauve colourway, perfect for Spring and Summer months. 

Bowee Tee

The Bowee Tee is the perfect t-shirt for everyday wear, whether it be casual or formal. An incredibly well-fitted garment, it could be paired with a blazer and boots, worn tucked into some blue jeans for a classic look, or used as a versatile layering piece. The Bowee Tee comes in a variety of colours and a striped pattern.


Leather Moto Jacket

A timeless piece, the leather jacket belongs in everyone’s wardrobe. Using 100% lamb leather, this jacket updates the classic by offering a more modern cropped fit which gives the garment an extra layer of versatility. This is definitely a standout piece of the collection.


Oxford Solid Shirt

An everyday piece that gets a lot of wear. The oxford shirt can be worn casually, professionally, and worn with pretty much anything. Taking on a modern slim fit, the Oxford Solid Shirt comes in two colours, a timeless white and an incredible chamois colour. Both are excellent neutral colours that will pair well with anything. 

Conor Stretch Chino

The Conor Stretch Chino is a modern take on a classic, with a slim fit throughout these chinos will pair well with anything, especially as they come in a huge variety of colours. The excellent choice of fabric also means they can be worn all year round, whether they be paired with a classic t-shirt or a jacket and boots in Winter.

Williams Pocket Tee

The perfect t-shirt is something every man tries to find. If you find yourself looking for a tee with a classic fit, made of excellent fabrics, and that comes in a variety of fabrics, look no further than the Williams Pocket Tee.The Club Monaco 35th anniversary collection was just released this month so go check it all out here and find yourself some quality essentials.