Wanting to lose weight or become healthier overall, these are the top 4 current healthiest diets and why they work for you!

What Is A Diet vs A “Fad” Diet

Before we begin it’s important to make a clear distinction on what exactly is a diet and how that differs from a “fad” diet. A diet does not mean limiting the amount of food you eat, a diet is simply the kind of meals you habitually consume over time. A diet just describes your eating behaviour which can be positive or negative like the Standard American Diet which is SAD in comparison to most diets around the world. Many of the diets we will be looking into today have “fad” diets that incorporate aspects of the diet but are often ultimately ineffective in weight loss or increasing health over long-term durations. It’s best to avoid “fad” diets altogether even though the immediate promise of weight loss can be appealing, due to the very nature of “fad diets” prioritizing short-term goals rather than long-term benefits. Now that we’ve covered that, it’s time to get into the top 4 healthiest diets!

Ketogenic Diet

First on our list is the ketogenic diet otherwise known as the keto diet. This diet ranks first on our list because of the optimization for increasing your overall health, losing weight and lowering the risk of disease. Though this is offset by being arguably the hardest diet on the list due to most modern-day diets depending on foods that this diet omits. With a focus on zero to low carbs and sugar, most foods and practically every dessert gets omitted, often making this diet one of the hardest to adjust to, yet healthiest and most beneficial.

Mediterranean Diet

The next diet on our list is the Mediterranean diet. One of the most thoroughly studied diets in history, this diet is particularly effective for the prevention of heart disease. With a large variety of food groups incorporated this diet is also known to be one of the most delicious diets there are. The foods originating from this diet are incredibly famous for their exquisite taste and healthy ingredients containing an array of vegetables, fruits, fish, poultry, whole grains, legumes, dairy products, and most famously olive oil.

Paleo Diet

This diet has seen popular growth in more recent years and contributes to both weight loss and general health improvement. The idea behind this diet is omitting processed food from your meals and incorporating the nutrient-rich diversity found by our paleolithic ancestors.

Gluten-free Diet

Last on our list is the gluten-free diet, which focuses on removing gluten from your meals. Another challenging diet to adhere to, as the vast quantity of foods that have gluten in the ingredients is insane. The reasoning for this diet is because everyone is intolerant of gluten inherently, it’s just a matter of how much, for some, gluten can be very harmful while to others, it causes minuscule inflammation. For this diet, it’s important to be careful when consuming gluten-free foods as many of the meals are worse than the gluten-filled original as many companies have supplemented the gluten with chemicals and oils. Otherwise, this diet has shown to improve general health and aid in weight loss compared to the Standard American Diet.

Another great diet, that is far easier to follow than the bunch listed above but still fairly healthy is the pollotarian diet, read about it here!