Snack time is the best time, and sometimes we get stuck in the middle of eating healthy snacks, for our benefit or eating tasty snacks for the sugar rush. Snacking should be about both the fun and healthy aspects, and Sher Squares are the perfect bite. 

Sher Produce

Sher Produce founded in 2012 was about creating food for people who needed or lacked the idea of “eat good, do good, feel good,” as many people choose chocolate bars and bags of chips over fruits and vegetables. Now Sher Produce has introduced a nutrient-dense snack that has a full serving of fruits and vegetables and is quick for an on-the-go snack or one to share with friends.  

Sher Produce has created “Sher Squares” which are packed with 10 grams of protein, one full serving of fruits and vegetables, and has no additives or preservatives. So far, the Sher Squares come in 3 flavours, Apple Bliss, Orange-Mango Happy Feet and Chocolate Wonder, all of which sound delicious. 

Sher Produce

Sher Produce was created by husband and wife duo Sherri Belton and Tim Sinclair, each having many years of experience in the food industry as Sherri has a background in nutrition science and Tim was an executive for Campbell soup. “We talk about how both our backgrounds and the journey we are on seemed to have us naturally arrive at Sher Produce. Without ALL of our experiences both growing up and in adult life we may have never found the inspiration to make the difference we are making in people’s lives and the communities we serve.” 

Sherri and Tim not only wanted to make products that were better for your health and that tasted delicious, but they wanted to help out their communities. Sher Produce is committed to their communities with their buy one, feed one program, a perfect way to get people the nutrition they need. “We have simplified how we describe our company through the words “Eat Good, Do Good, Feel Good”. We know we aren’t necessarily going to change the world, but we know we are changing the lives of people in a small way both from those that purchase our Sher Squares and those Food Banks we give them to.”

“Simply knowing we are making a small difference to people who need help. Our weekly Donations bring us so much joy. It’s truly fulfilling to know that our small, family-run business is actively supporting our community.” Not only have Sherri and Tim created a nutritional snack, but they have gone above and beyond for the people around them. Knowing the food industry so well, Sherri and Tim know what products are truly good for you, and which pretend to be good for you.

Sher Squares

Many companies have followed the trends of eating healthier snacks because people want to eat healthily, but it is one thing saying you are healthy and the other is actually being healthy. 

Having a snack like Sher Squares is a perfect balance, with protein, vegetables and no preservatives, you can be happy with what your eating, and you can be satisfied with the taste because they have 3 delicious sounding flavours.