Jogging always seems like the cheapest option for keeping fit or losing weight, but it isn’t for everyone. Especially those looking to start their fitness journey, jogging can be a far too intense introduction to cardio alongside the commitment to a pricey gym membership. Listed here are four fun, free/cheap, and different cardio alternatives that will get your heart pumping in a way that you won’t even notice.


Jump rope may sound like a childhood hobby, however, it is actually the most effective form of cardio. In fact, it’s a full-body workout. By using your abdominals to stabilize the body, legs for jumping and shoulders, and arms for swinging the rope – the effort it takes to skip for 10 minutes is equivalent to running a mile in eight minutes. Plus, it’s less harsh on your joints than running and once you’ve bought your rope then it’s completely free. Make it fun by turning on some music and jumping to the beat of the tracks.

Power walking

Power walking, or simply walking at a fast pace is at least slower than running and as long as it’s longer than 20 minutes then you’re burning calories and raising your heartbeat. It improves cardiovascular fitness, strengthens bones, and boosts endurance amongst many other positive benefits. Bring a friend to chat to, listen to a podcast, or go out of your way to find a picturesque walk and the physical and mental health benefits will become extremely evident.


Dance alone in your room and break a sweat by doing it. YouTube hosts thousands of dance workouts that may just be exactly for your favourite songs. From ABBA to Kpop, you can dance along to your favourite, upbeat tunes and surprise yourself with how out of breath you are once it’s all over.

Organized Sports

Gather some friends or colleagues and plan weekly sports sessions whether it be soccer, basketball or ultimate frisbee in the park, this sort of exercise will naturally strengthen your heart and lungs whilst at the same time keep you socially active.