The popularity of leasing has been quite impressive lately. Still, we expected it, as the increase in car prices is rather frustrating, as well as finance terms and interest rates. The service provides a lot of benefits, including reasonable prices, the ability to change cars more often or buy a vehicle back when the contract ends. In general, if you dream of the day you are behind the wheel of the BMW 5, Grand Cherokee (ok, at least Kia Forte), and you are almost out of cash, there is a solution; you just go and lease it!

As the demand for leasing grows, the number of companies providing this service increases correspondingly. Of course, the freedom of choice is good for you, if you know your onions on car leasing deals, but what if this is your first experience? Well, it is important to be careful and bet on a reliable dealer who will provide a comfortable drive on attractive terms.

Is it possible to identify such a company and avoid dealing with a dummy or a bad firm? The experts of Grand Prix Auto Center, a car dealer from Miami, recommend paying attention to some signs.

1. They have what you want!

You might think that’s not the problem. However, not all leasing companies offer a good choice of makes and models even today. Before you trust a dealer, review its catalog and determine the following:

  • Is there the exact car model you want?
  • Can the company offer the trim level which meets all your wants and needs?
  • Does the company prove that the car is in excellent condition?

This may seem surprising to you, but these factors are really worth the sobest assessment when you lease. Besides, there’s no need to compromise! Sign up for the vehicle which fits you perfectly as it is the only way to enjoy your drive.

2. All company data is available

There is no reason for a good dealer to hide, because the more people learn about it, the more customers they may get. That is why reliable leasing companies have available offices as well as websites which provide all necessary information about their services as well as their phone numbers.

3. There are testimonials

A lot of customers’ reviews mean that the company has at least a few-year history, and if a bigger part of them is good and natural, it is a reason to trust the dealer. If there is no feedback at all, и компания не упоминается вообще нигде, это повод насторожиться.

4. The offer is based on realistic and flexible terms

Both unbelievable cheapness and inflated prices should discourage cooperation with the company, as well as vague contract terms. For example, Grand Prix Auto Center always sets affordable prices but the final quote is formed according to the lessee’s request. All the terms of deals are transparent, and the customer sees what he takes and how much he is to pay for this.

As you can see, all these signs are easy to detect. So, we hope our small guide will be helpful when the time for your best car lease deal comes!

Published by HOLR Magazine.