Summer is here! For all you fashionable gentlemen out there – we know you’re excited, but a little disappointed at the same time.

Summer might mean great weather, but to any man who can put together a fashionable outfit – it means less layers, and as a result, less options. It’s safe to say that us fashionable gents thrive in a season like fall. But not to worry, there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel, and we’re going to tell you just how to pull off fashionable summer outfits.

It might be a different season now but wearing items that represent you and your personality is a choice that is far from seasonal. One thing that isn’t seasonal is confidence. It is true that while still following golden rules like colour-matching and clothing article proportion, a fashionable gent can truly wear whatever he wants as long as it is worn with humble confidence. For example, have a look at some male professional athletes out there. The Russell Westbrooks, P.K. Subbans, Lebrons and Serge Ibakas of the world all may rock ensembles that at times can throw us off. However, their humble confidence is what makes their outfits such a trend.

One common thing with these figures you may also notice, no matter the season and no matter how unorthodox their ensemble may be, is their constant colour coordination. Colour coordination in itself is a rule that is always in, and multi-seasonal. Let’s get into some summer ensembles now. Bright colours in this season such as pinks, light blues, reds and so on are the new black for the next few months. Let’s go over what you’ll need by the pool, the bar-side, and a fancy dinner here and there without being too uncomfortable.

Let’s start with the poolside get-up. Poolside style is extremely simple, but elegant if put together in the right way. White t-shirts are timeless, patterned bathing suits (above the knees) are fashionably in as they once were in times before the 2K years. Whoever brought below-the-knee swim trunks back into style needs a slap on the wrist at this point. If it’s a basketball jersey, tank top, or a coloured shirt (other than white) you’re going to want to make sure the colour of the top coincides with the colour of the swim trunk in some way. If it’s a Blue Jays jersey you’ve got on by the pool, why not rock a bathing suit that is red, blue or white? As mentioned gents, colour coordination is everything. Our personal go-to look is the typical white t-shirt with a patterned swim trunk; and of course, who could forget about the poolside aviator shades to go with the look! If you know your style, you’ve got a fleet of different coloured aviators that each work with specific bathing suits/outfits.


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When you’re out-and-about in your typical daytime style, you’re going to want to make sure at least 2 of your clothing items in your ensemble colour-match. A lot of young, professional, fashionable gents, when not in the office or out on the fancy part of town, enjoy dressing extremely casual. There’s truly a few things that are in style no matter the age. A nice pair of bright coloured shorts with a white shirt, white calve socks and white sneakers never hurt anybody. It’s the Cali look (in Cali-type weather). Our guy Drizzy Drake is one with the bright colours in all seasons. But you’ll notice, even in summer that he’s always colour matching. This is one of the main reasons why he’s a fashion icon of the hip hop industry. His famous rose gold tinted lenses with the pink Juventus jersey resemble the epitome of colour coordination and summer-esc looks.  How about some shorts, a pink t-shirt, white socks and white shoes; this is a guy that can make a traditionally feminine colour look very male-esc with the way he colour coordinates. It’s everything.

At night, the weather in Canada still tends to cool down. Bring the blazers out gents. We at HOLR coined a term for our business/casual get-up for breezy summer nights: the good old 3-2-1 rule. Go crazy with a blue blazer, some rich-coloured blue jeans (showing a bit of sock) and some similar-tinted blue shoes (3); match that up with some (slightly showing) white socks a white t-shirt (2). Finally, feel free to go nuts with the (1) of your ensemble, whether that be a fancy coloured watch, a chain, bracelet, satchel, etc.

Enjoy summer style; go get ‘em tigers.