The best

Team Canada – Softball. Softball is the woman’s version of baseball, and it’s returning only for these summer games. The uniform is simple yet shows Canada’s colours through and through. There are two uniforms one is for “away” and one is for “home”. Both uniforms though are in Canadian colours and are easy to identify the team when on the field. The jersey is either in red or in white, the text and numbering is in the opposite colour. Example: if the jersey is red, the lettering and numbering is in white. Both uniforms have the Canadian flag on the top right of the jersey, and on the right shoulder sleeve is the Team Canada logo. The pants for both uniforms are black and so are the helmets and the hats. Your eye really focuses on the jersey. Rating out of 10, 9.5/10

Team USA – Gymnastics. Men and women both have amazing uniforms. Both embody and show all things American. But there are some differences. The main difference for the men’s other than them wearing pants, is there’s a big bald eagle on it, right on the chest. That eagle can be seen on both the white version and the dark blue version of the uniform. The pants are red. The men’s uniform also has a version where it looks like the USA flag on a white top with dark blue shorts. The women on the other hand are wearing leotards. The women leotards are blue, white and red. They feature things that are also defined as American. Stars, stripes, fireworks. They also have thousands of Swarovski crystals. Both uniforms are unique and show off the world what America is. Rating out of 10, 10/10

olympic gymnats for uSA

ROC (Russian Olympic Committee) – gymnastics.  Russia is still under their ban of competing as Russia in the Olympics, basically its athletes from Russia, but they can’t compete as Russians, so everything is neutral, from the flag to the anthem that’s played if they win gold. However, some of their uniforms show the Russian colours. The gymnastics woman’s team on the other hand showed leotards that were blue and sparkly, while the men’s team did show the colours of the Russian flag. The woman’s uniform showed grace while the women did impressive moves and the uniform glittered and shimmered with every move. The women’s rating of uniform out of 10 8/10.

The worst

Team Norway – Men’s Triathlon. The triathlon is a race that goes from swimming, to biking to running. Each person for each team wears the same outfit for all three parts of the race. Norway’s triathlon uniform for men was a bit of a distraction. The top was perfect, it was white and had the colors of Norway’s flag on the sides. It was the bottom that looked odd, now it’s not sure if it’s because it was wet from sweat and from swimming or if it was just by design, but you can really see his crotch area. It’s in a lighter shade of blue and the eye just goes right to it and it seems like that’s all people were noticing. Rating out of 10, 2.5/10.

olympic norway team

Team Italy. All of Italy has a sweatsuit they wear when they enter their events. The design on the front looks like a pie, made from the colours of the Italian flag. Everyone on social media is asking, what’s with the pie? This reporter is wondering that too. The colours look better on the black outfit, but there is a white version that is more common in the games as well. Rating out of 10, 3.5/10.

Team Canada. When Team Canada showed off their denim jackets, lots of people questioned. It looked and still looks horrible. It hasn’t made its appearance into the games yet, however the rumor is that the jacket is making its appearance at the closing ceremonies. Rating out of 10, 2.5/10.

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