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There’s one small problem with most customer service tools, they often take a lot of time. Time to learn and time to fulfill your customer’s needs. However, there are also plenty of customer service tools that give customers the same level of service that they expect, while also giving you speed.

Here are some of the best tools that will allow you to give good customer service very very quickly!

Live Chat

Perhaps one of the fastest options for better customer service, live chat (either through voice or through typing) allows your business to directly help the customer in need without needing to go through an entire process first. Instead, the customer can answer a few questions and provide some information, and your business can get started with solving the problem.

Automatic Call Back

Having a dedicated time where customers can call the help center of your office and get support directly from your employees is often a good idea. However, sometimes your call center is either going to be overloaded or understaffed, which often means that the lines are going to be long and customers will need to wait.

In such cases, providing an alternative phone number can offer customers an additional avenue to seek assistance, ensuring that their needs are addressed promptly, even during peak periods.

If the wait times are very long, then sometimes customers will get frustrated and that makes it much harder to solve the problem. This wastes your time, wastes the customer’s time, and also makes the line longer for everyone else.

So, how do you handle those days whenever the call center is drowning in a long queue? With automatic call back. This is where the user enters their phone number and they are called back whenever their place in the queue is ready or when an operator is ready to take their call.

This not only helps your employees manage their call centers, but it also helps customers get their service quickly and with less emotion involved all around.

Self-Service Sites

As you get into the customer service industry, you will notice that a lot of your customers have the same problems and that those problems have the same solutions. Rather than having your employees drive themselves mad by running through the same three or four common solutions with every single customer, self-service is one of the best ways to get through those smaller and more common solutions very quickly.

With self-service, your customers have full control over their experience where customers can click through various tabs that describe their problems and then try to follow a step-by-step solution to solve the problem. Then, if they can’t find the answer they can call your customer call center and get more specific help.

This allows your employees to skip to the more advanced forms of troubleshooting and help more customers over the course of the day. Which makes everyone happy!

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

While it is debatable how many people actually fill these out, customer satisfaction surveys are still a great way to get a handle on how you can offer better customer service in the future. After a sale is made or after a customer interaction is complete, you can have an online survey pop up.

It can be as involved as having several fields for your customers to fill out or as simple as clicking a button that showed their satisfaction from 1 to 10. 

For example, if you own a brewery, then you know how important customer service is. It needs to be a massive part of your management style because happy customers are going to keep coming back. Having customer satisfaction surveys that are managed by your Ollie’s brewery management software program will help you keep track of the feedback you receive.  

In addition, the software can also help your brewery manage nearly every other aspect of your business, so there is no reason not to get it! 

Customer Service Doesn’t Need To Take A Lot Of Time

Your business doesn’t need to spend hours working on customer service every single day, especially when your business probably has a lot more to do that is much more pressing! Try some of these methods to make customer service fast without losing any of its effectiveness.  

Published by HOLR Magazine.

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