Sometimes students have just too much stuff to figure out in college. Professors keep giving them more and more homework every day. Some learners also have a job by the time they graduate, so there is even less time for assignments and lectures. 

There are so many choices in these services on the market that it can get overwhelming for a first-time user. Your grades are on the line, so you really need to look for the best expert out there! When students hire essay writer at EssayHub to write an essay for me, they will get top quality for their budget.

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So, are you still not sure about hiring some outside help for your learning process? Here are five assignments you can outsource to an essay writing service.

What Homework Can You Delegate to an Expert Writer?

Some learners are not sure that an outside person can fulfill any type of assignment for their classes. Sure, you have lots of different kinds of tasks, but there is a professional writer for every classwork. You just need to look hard enough and focus on reviews! 

In reality, experts from essay writing websites can complete any kind of task with any level of difficulty.

All Kinds of Essays

This is the most obvious type of request on such websites. College students often have trouble with their writing homework for different reasons. Some of them don’t have enough creativity, and others don’t find the subject very interesting. 

In any case, you will surely find some help on the Internet! Here are some of the essay types that expert writers can complete for you:

  • argumentative;
  • descriptive;
  • comparative

Case Studies

Usually, this type of homework is very popular in science, nursing, history, and social work classes. In this paper, you will have to assess one person, a group of people, or a certain event. This task is quite difficult, so don’t hesitate to look for the best essay proofreading services on NoCramming essay reviews service.

Normally, case studies are a favorite assignment of psychology and history professors. You will be asked to replicate certain conditions, find similarities between different subjects in a group, or expose the results of your in-depth analysis.

Research Overviews

Normally, this is one part of a research paper where students assess all existing literature on the chosen subject. At the same time, some professors like to treat this section as a separate reflective or descriptive essay. Expert writers will explore the subject matter, find all the relevant publications, and boil them down to one concise paper.

Annotated Bibliographies

This can be a nightmare for those students who are not great with their research and referencing skills. Basically, you are asked to find some relevant sources, provide a correct citation to them, and write some sentences about their importance to your future paper. It seems pretty easy, but it’s also challenging to include all the info in just a couple of lines. 

Resumes and CVs

Save this type of assignment for your last year in college. Students often need to think about their future careers even before graduation. Some professors even give out resume homework so learners can practice more! Still.

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Benefits of Using an Essay Writing Service

A lot of people can’t trust some random services on the Internet. There are too many scams and low-quality writers out there. But if you read reviews, get some recommendations, and trust your gut, you will definitely find your match! 

In case you are still not sure that you need to delegate your homework, here are some reasons that might convince you:

  • you’ll have more free time;
  • your money will be put to good use


Now you know about five types of assignments that you can order with an essay writing service! In reality, there are many more categories of homework that can be outsourced. You just need to find the right website for your budget. Also, pay attention to the online reviews before making any commitments. After all, your grades depend on it.

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