Since working from home has become the general norm, I’ve been spending countless hours slouched over my computer and phone. While I’ve since adapted to this new way of life, one thing I can’t accept is the increasing back pain that has come along with it. Fortunately, I’ve have discovered the Chirp Wheel that has been a game changer in relieving tension and nagging aches and pains. The Chirp Wheel is an easy to use posture corrector that comes in a set of 3, offering 3 different sizes to seamlessly target different areas of your spine. Since using this every morning and every night, my back has never felt better. Here are the 5 benefits that I’ve experienced from using the Chirp Wheel.

Reduced Low Back Tension

I use the medium sized wheel to release low back tension and it feels incredible! Simply lay back over the wheel and relax your lower half into the ground. As you ease into the ground the wheel stretches out your spine from your mid-back to your tailbone. I like to do this for a few minutes in the morning to relieve any tension from my sleep the night before and at night to stretch out my compressed spine from the hours sitting in front of my computer.

An At-Home Adjustment Without the Chiropractor Costs

There’s just something so satisfying about cracking your back and this can now be easily done in the comfort of your home thanks to the Chirp Wheel. I particularly enjoy cracking my mid and upper back when using the largest Chirp Wheel, which helps me to alleviate stiffness and increase the range of motion in my spine.

Provides a Deep Stretch

Increase your spines flexibility and relieve compression by using the Chirp wheel daily. As your spines flexibility increases over time, it helps to alleviate pain and correct any posture problems.

Massages Muscles Around the Spine

The patented Chirp wheel massages the muscles around your spine without adding pressure directly on your spine. Not only does this feel amazing but it will help you stand taller and straighter and help to prevent potential injuries in the future from having incorrect posture.

Learn more about the Chirp Wheel here.



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