There is more to buying a body fat analyzer than just walking in to a store and getting one for yourself. It requires research and proper scrutiny to get the right one for your needs. After setting your goal of buying one, ensure you do your research. This article is to inform you about everything you need to know before and after buying a body fat analyzer:

Understand Your Body Needs

The body works differently, and individuals require a different level of attention when it comes to body function. Body fat analyzers, similarly, have diverse features to suit this fact. Therefore, before you buy a body fat analyzer, you need to have the appropriate information concerning your body components and other needs, such as knowing your age and gender. To get an analyzer that suits your need, however, you need to access the right information. In that regard, this post on GetFitTrack provides you with details on body fat analyzers. Read and understand as you make the decision.

Accuracy Level

With the influx of different kinds of brands of body fat analyzers in the market, there are still ones that may not give you accurate results. The most accurate ones, however, may be expensive for most people. For this reason, it is crucial to have details on specific analyzers in the market concerning their accuracy level before you buy. It may be hard to find very accurate ones, but you cannot fail to choose the most accurate ones among the brands in the market. A high accuracy level will help you achieve your fitness goal or any other mission you intend to achieve by buying a body fat analyzer. 

After understanding the above details, it is time to know how to use it.

The Procedure of Using a Body Fat Analyzer

Here is what you need to do while using a body fat analyzer:

  •                     Read the instructions – There are different brands of body fat analyzers. Therefore, it is crucial to read the instructions given by the manufacturer before you start using it. It is necessary to do this so that you know other details like precautionary measures and the ideal storage method.
  •                     Step on the stainless steel pad – Once you step at the steel, the electrical currents will flow into your body to analyze your body components. This process will take a few minutes, after which the result will be displayed on the glass top.
  •                     Some analyzers will enable you to connect it to your smart devices and transfer the result through Bluetooth. This will help you keep track of your progress.

Tips To Get More Accurate Results

As you use the body at the analyzer, it is crucial to follow some guidelines to get the best results. These guidelines include:

  •                     Avoid drinking too much water before taking the test
  •                     Avoid alcohol before using the analyzer
  •                     Avoid heavy meals before the test since it may add more mass to your stomach
  •                     Do not shower before the test

The speed at which the electrical currents flow may also give you a glimpse of your body fat. If the current travels faster, you may have low-fat composition. However, if it takes longer, your body fat composition may be higher. You can know whether it travels faster or not by noting the time you take to get the results after stepping on the stainless steel pad.

Other Things You Need To Know

Using the body fat analyzer may not be effective if you do not know these essential facts:

  •                     Different ages have different fat composition – Body fat composition depends on the age of the individual. Therefore, before you beat yourself up for having a too high or too low amount of fat, check the appropriate fat composition for your age. For example, individuals older than 39 years are likely to have higher fat composition compared to younger people.
  •                     Gender affects body fat composition – If you are a female, you should not expect to have the same fat composition as a male of your age. In reality, females are more likely to have higher fat composition than males.

Other Things Body Fat Analyzer Measure

Aside from the body fat, body fat analyzer is also able to analyze the following:

  •                     BMI – This is the ratio of your body fat to your weight and height
  •                     Obesity degree – This option tells you how much weight you can add to be obese
  •                     Protein percentage – This is the percentage of your body that is composed of proteins.