Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, not every destination is open for travellers. We have rounded up five destinations that are open for you to visit!

Everyone is feeling the itch to travel again, after not being able to travel for so long due to restrictions, lots of places are beginning to open to tourists again. These are five places that you can consider for your next vacation.

United States

After a long wait, the United States is finally welcoming vaccinated travellers into their country. The United States is a great destination spot, having options for every type of vacation you are in search of. Whether you are looking for a busy city adventure like New York City, a family vacation like Orlando or a fun party trip like Las Vegas.

New York City is home to the tallest buildings, biggest museums, and best pizza. From enjoying the dazzling spectacle of Broadway to MoMA’s world-class galleries, the boutiques of SoHo, and the many options of restaurants offering cuisines from every corner of the world, there’s a different New York to explore and discover every time you visit.

Orlando is the perfect spot to take your family. It all starts at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, but much more magic elsewhere. The young and the young-at-heart can whip up spells at Universal Studios’ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter or live out their safari fantasies at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Las Vegas is an electric city and perfect for a trip with your friends. Eat your way through all the Michelin-starred restaurants, try your luck at famed casinos, or take in a spectacular show. Just wandering the Strip, people watching, is enough to get your endorphins in overdrive.


With the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, Italy’s beauty is unparalleled. A visit could mean marvelling at the Colosseum after a tender plate of pasta or floating down a canal. Explore Tuscan vineyards and olive groves or drool over boutiques in famously fashionable Milan. Lookout from the cliffs of Sorrento or nibble on Parma’s famous cheese and prosciutto. Anywhere you choose, the country will WOW you.


From bustling urban cities to snow-capped mountains and semi-arid deserts, Spain is the definition of geographical diversity. As the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, this beautiful country offers some of Europe’s most dramatic landscapes, as well as some of its most sought-after cuisine.


From the fairy-tale châteaux of the Loire Valley to the lavender fields of Provence, and the French Riviera’s celebrity-studded beaches, you’ll see so much beauty in France. World-famous fine wines provide the perfect complement to the country’s alpine views and architectural masterpieces. Not to mention that France is home to Paris, the city of love and romance. This is the perfect destination for you and your partner to take some much-needed time together.


With 26 UNESCO-declared world heritage sites, charming towns and dozens of thrilling cities, there are many options to explore. Mexico. Outside the cities, stunning Pacific beaches, swimming holes provide all you need for an educational, relaxing, and romantic vacation. Captivating Mexico City and the 32 states offer incredible experiences, from laid-back and leisurely to upbeat to adrenalin-charging. Mexico is a great way to escape the cold and long winters.

Published by HOLR Magazine.