There is nothing worse than loving clothes and having only one suitcase to fill for three months of travel. Well, this is my situation this summer. Not only am I moving to a (very) hot country for a little over two months, but I will also be traveling around a few other countries after that. So how do you pack for a three month trip where you are both stationary and on the move? Here is my list on how I packed smart and avoided the “I wish I brought that” moment.

Carry-ons are important

Carrying a lot of luggage is not a problem when you’re stationary, especially if it’s just carrying your suitcases from the airport to your accommodations. However, when you’re traveling to multiple countries, it can get quite annoying. Because it’s such a long trip, you want to bring a ton of stuff, so I recommend packing as much into your check-in as you can. Remember, you still have a carry-on to pack stuff. Using a duffel bag you can fold into your suitcase. Most times, we clear things out of our luggage and create luggage space (especially after living somewhere for a few months, you’re going to clear out of those liquids). If you do make space, it will be so easy to fold your duffel bag into your suitcase and not have to worry about another mini suitcase.

Don’t roll

Rolling actually takes up more space than you think- so fold! When packing, use your suitcase’s space to your advantage. Not everything is going to be folded in the exact same shape. Fold your clothes in their natural space. Sweaters and bottoms will fill up the majority of the space and then make piles of shirts and tanks to fill the spaces.

2 for 1

Dresses and rompers are you best friends when packing for long trips in the summer. You get a full outfit for just one thing. Space savvy and cute!

Colour Schemes

Bring colours that are easy to pair with each other. White and cream match with almost everything. I don’t usually bring too much black unless it’s a winter trip, but make sure you leave space for colour. You need some statement pieces!

Don’t Stress

At the end of the day, don’t stress about packing. Make sure you bring pieces you love and feel confident in and if you forgot something you can always find some kind of replacement at your destination!


Enjoy savvy packing!