Choosing the perfect outfit can sometimes feel tricky, rather like finding hen’s teeth. When men start their fashion journey, nobody tells them that there is a formula for looking good. Follow the basic rules, keep up with the expected trends, and you are good to go. One of those timeless trends that won’t disappear anytime soon is men’s Dune London boots with black jeans and a plain T, The foundation of almost any look. 

summer outfits

Everyday Essentials  

A staple is a 100% cotton T-shirt that has cult-like popularity for its incredible luxury and comfortable feel that’s perfect to wear alone or under your shirt. A striped T-shirt is also a summer staple that looks terrific on any male! Because shorts aren’t appropriate for every summer occasion, pair them with your favorite dark indigo slim-fit jeans for a sophisticated style that’s also comfortable with a hint of stretch.   

This season, white accessories are trendy in menswear, but you’ll stay cool with these perforated shoes for breathable footwear. Top it all off with a denim baseball cap which will knock your summer style out of the park.  

Sunday Funday  

Whether you’re going to a friend’s BBQ or spending the day with the lads, there’s no need to appear anything other than dashing when spending the day outside. Wear a vertical-striped, relaxed-fit short-sleeve shirt that will extend your torso over a bright graphic T-shirt for a pleasing appearance (even if your summer-bod ambitions never materialize). Swap your jeans for slender cargos that compliment your legs and have tiny pockets to put your card case or money clip in.

One of the go-to favorite footwear trends also happens to be the most comfortable – “dad” sneakers, which are the ideal shoes for a streetwear appearance as you spend the day out with your buddies. It requires minimal effort but pays off with maximum style.  

summer outfits

From surfing to sundowners  

While some men would wear anything they want to the beach, it’s crucial to appear stylish when transitioning from surfing to going out for sundowners. Most people are utterly perplexed about how to proceed and pull off an appropriate outfit for either, let alone both, at once!  

Keep it accessible by starting with a swimsuit that appears more like ordinary summer shorts, then layering with a tank top for the beach and a bright patterned cotton shirt for socializing at an outdoor bar. Wearing a button-down in dark blue helps disguise sweat marks and, with an excellent distracting design, is a beautiful alternative to the Hawaiian shirt if that’s not your style.  

To complete your summer style outfit, this guide by The Modest Man recommends two very important things for comfort at the beach. That’s a cool pair of sandals to keep your feet breathing, and a pair of colorful sunglasses for eye-protection! 

The summer weddings  

No man likes to wear a suit in the heat – it’s a notion that makes any man sweat!   

Thankfully, there are lightweight suiting choices to keep you cool, exceptionally comfortable, and stretchy. While getting a summer suit specifically for weddings might be a little extravagant for some, if you want to dress better than everyone else, you have to put in the effort that no one else will.  

You’re going to take your stylish blazer off at some point during the wedding, and you don’t want your shirt beneath to seem ill-fitting. Getting a custom shirt will have you looking sleek like James Bond, owing to the flexibility to tailor your shirt — including the collar size, sleeve length, and overall fit. Most men have a habit of missing this crucial step. You should know your local tailor by name. 

Accessorizing with brown-leather items such as woven penny loafers adds texture. At the same time, a leather-cord bracelet that combines wonderfully with your watch for a modern twist on your traditional suiting takes your look to the next level!  

summer outfits


You’re more inclined to think of vacation outfits and casual-cool weekend looks for summer clothing. Still, when you’re working in an office most of the week and unable to enjoy the summer weather, it’s crucial to be trendy with your workday while also feeling comfortable.   

Keep your office-appropriate button-down freshly pressed with a wrinkle-resistant pair of black pants, providing a professional look throughout your busy day. Finish with a beautiful color-blocked jacket, which is a popular outerwear trend for men this season and ideal for any windy day, plus it’s a statement.  

When it comes to a business bag, choose a pack that can hold a lot of stuff without seeming cluttered. Finish off your appearance with the plain white-leather sneakers you’re always wearing. Sporty and comfortable enough to wear all day, yet still appropriate for the workplace!  

Finding the correct combinations of colors and accessories seems daunting for most people. But if you want to stand out of the crowd and be known as the man with style – rocking these basic combinations will elevate your appearance to the next level.   

 Published by HOLR Magazine.