Rendezviews x Sol Solar Powered patio is one of the best patio spots to visit this summer! 

The summer solstice is fast approaching – this Sunday, June 20 – and it not only marks the first official day of summer, but it’s also the longest day of the year in Canada! Luckily, in time for its arrival this weekend, Toronto’s biggest and favourite patio, Rendezviews is BACK better than ever!

This year, Rendezviews will be unveiling its patio now with lights powered by solar energy thanks to Sol, unlocking the power of our prettiest star. With immersive art and colourful murals, this patio is a MUST visit this warm and bright summer!

Cocktails, pub grub & beer are all served at this vibrant outdoor destination that even has a Jumbotron. Delivering food, drink, music, sports games, and more, this patio has it all! “We want this moment to be a fresh start for Toronto. A blank canvas. It’s up to all of us to build the city we want Toronto to be. It all starts with people coming together. Coming out of their homes and rejoicing.” People now more than ever deserve a break and to relax, which this place offers with its good vibes only mantra while maintaining all necessary safety and health precautions. With patios finally open and summer officially commencing, it seems like the ideal excuse to celebrate. Rendezview and Sol light up the night with the power of the Sun, to keep you soaking up the most of patio season this summer! So book your reservation NOW before it’s all booked up at

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