Adventure awaits for those who choose to go looking for it. Whether you enjoy getting off the beaten path and paving your own way or simply enjoy the scenic route, you don’t want to get stuck on your adventures because you chose the wrong vehicle. 

It’s essential to choose a car that can work for you when adventure is what you’re after. And few vehicles can deliver quite like a truck.

Trucks may be concerning to some people. They are typically more costly than other cars, and you might have questions like, How much is truck insurance?

The good news? Trucks are more affordable than you may think — even down to their insurance rates. And with information like that, you need to know why trucks are so fitting for people who enjoy adventures.

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#1 – Trucks Have Great Hauling Capabilities

If you’re the type of adventurous person who enjoys camping in an RV or towing off-road vehicles, trucks have you covered.

While not all trucks are created equal, you can expect better-towing capabilities from a truck than other vehicles such as SUVs.

Compact trucks can typically tow an average weight of 7,700 pounds. This weight class is perfect for those looking to haul smaller toys such as off-road vehicles and small-sized RVs.

Full-sized trucks can usually tow an average of 14,000 pounds, making them ideal for people wanting to haul more oversized items such as big RVs or medium-sized boats. Full-sized trucks often come with plenty of space as well.

#2 – Trucks Are Perfect for Off-Roading

If your adventurous spirit leads you on roads less traveled, you’ll find a truck is a perfect vehicle to meet your needs. Trucks come equipped with a standard four-wheel drive, making them ideal for even tricky terrain.

Whether you enjoy exploring back roads or areas where the road has yet to be paved, a truck will take you where you want to go. Depending on your preferences, you can add specific sets of tires to your vehicle. Larger, knobbier tires will give you a better grip on rugged terrain, making your ride smoother and more enjoyable.

#3 – A Truck Keeps You Safe While Behind the Wheel

Even if you’re venturing off to a location with no road, there are still risks every time you start your vehicle. You never know what could happen while driving.

Trucks offer better safety than other vehicles because of their size. Their protection applies when you’re road-tripping on busy streets as well as off-roading. 

When driving in a truck, you are sitting higher than in other vehicles. This gives you better visibility of not only the road ahead of you but your surroundings as well. Other drivers, objects in your path, or unexpected obstacles are more readily visible in a truck.

Trucks are also heavier than most other vehicles on the road, meaning that you will likely have the upper hand if an accident occurs. Vehicles that weigh more tend to push back on the lighter car, which will take the majority of the impact. 

#4 – Trucks Offer Plenty of Storage Room

Some adventures may require a plethora of items to bring along for the journey. Whether you need bags for an extended trip or equipment for your experience, trucks have the space you need.

Full-sized trucks offer plenty of cab and bed space for you to fill with anything you could need on your adventures. There are even options like truck covers for the bed of your truck if you need to store items you don’t want to be exposed to the elements. 

A crew cab offers four doors and spacious seating for you and up to five other passengers. With a foldable center console, you can easily fit three people in the front and three in the back, making group trips easy with just one vehicle. 

Even with so many people loaded into the cab, you will still have the entire bed to pack all your belongings into. A short-bed truck typically offers just under six feet of space, while a long bed can offer up to eight feet of room. 

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#5 – Trucks Can Be Customized to Fit Your Needs

More so than any other vehicle, you can genuinely customize trucks to suit your adventurous needs. Depending on what type of activities you enjoy, you can choose options and add-ons to your truck to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need.

You can start with the basics like choosing a truck cab and bed size that work best for you. But the add-ons and customization options don’t stop there.

Options like towing mirrors can be perfect for the adventurer looking to feel safe while hauling large items like an RV or boat. These mirrors give you better visibility and come in a variety of style options.

If your truck is tall, you can look into options like running boards or even a tailgate step to allow you easier access. Running boards go along the bottom of your truck to give you a step as you enter it. Tailgate steps allow you to get in and out of your truck bed with ease, making it easier to grab your belongings.

While these certainly aren’t all the customizations you can choose for your pickup, they are some of the most common. You can always look into different options to make your truck everything you want and need.

Trucks Make The Perfect Adventure Vehicle

Living an adventurous lifestyle, versus one that tends to stay at home, calls for a vehicle that can keep up. Trucks can offer their owners just that. With so much to offer in one package, it’s easy to see why trucks are the ideal vehicle for adventure enthusiasts. 

With incredible towing capacity, ample storage space, great safety ratings, off-roading capabilities, and endless customization options, trucks bring a lot to the table. Though people may fear their cost and insurance rates, trucks are more reasonably priced than many may think. 

If you’re an adventure seeker and looking for a vehicle to suit your lifestyle, look no further than a truck. You will surely be able to find one to fit all your needs. 

Alexandra Arcand writes and researches for the auto insurance comparison site, AutoInsurance.org. She is the owner of a truck and loves that it fits her adventurous lifestyle.

Published by HOLR Magazine.