If you are a travel enthusiast, you will probably have a bucket list of places to explore. It is a good idea to create one if you haven’t done it yet because it ensures that you do not miss out on destinations worth visiting. New Orleans is one destination that you must check out once or more because it has a lot to offer for everyone. From incredible places to delectable dining options, friendly people, enthralling culture, and more, there is much that you can explore here. Let us give you some good reasons to add a New Orleans vacation to your bucket list if it isn’t already there.

Mardi Gras is the most incredible event

New Orleans hosts the world-famous Mardi Gras, the greatest free show on earth, every year in February. The two-week-long festival is a haven for people who love everything thrilling in life. You can watch or participate in parades, wear costumes, stay out and enjoy all night, drink to your heart’s content, and mix with the crowds. No matter where you come from and what your interests are, this is a show you should see at least once in your lifetime.

Enjoy Jazz Fest for the best of music and arts

The excitement doesn’t end with Mardi Gras, as you can also attend the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival organized in April-May every year. The venue for the festival is the New Orleans Fair Grounds. Thousands of local bands and artists gather here for performances and cultural displays. The festival also hosts international headliners and is loved for its vibrant and friendly atmosphere. You will absolutely love the event if you have a discerning taste in music and arts.

Explore endless options with historic value

If you think that the city is all about parties, events, and festivals, there is a lot it has for history buffs too. When you count new orleans attractions, there will be some nationally-renowned museums on the list. The best among these include the New Orleans Museum of Art, the World War II Museum, and the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. Apart from these biggies, there are smaller but interesting options like the Backstreet Cultural Museum and the Pharmacy Museum. 

Something for nature lovers too

Another reason to have a New Orleans vacation on your wish list is that it connects you with nature as well. The city lies below sea-level, and you can have an exciting swamp tour outside the city. It is a calm and peaceful experience that you will relish after all the revelry in the city. Enjoy an adventure in a guided boat rides or discover the wildlife in a private kayak or canoe. You can also go out fishing at one of the fishing spots here. While the city is a major metropolis, you can still check out alligators, birds, exotic plants, and other outdoor attractions.

Relish local delicacies in world-class restaurants

The city is also revered for its awesome local cuisine, and the best part is that you can relish these delicacies in world-class restaurants located here. The culinary landscape is incredibly vast, so you have unlimited choices to explore. You can try a mix of traditional dishes with contemporary methods and flavors, as celebrated chefs experiment with the rich and variant local ingredients. While you dine out, you will also love the exciting nightlife of New Orleans. On any given night, you have numerous options in live music performances and theater shows to check.  There are bars, cabarets, and dance clubs that stay open 24 hours, and places that serve food as well.

New Orleans is a treasure that waits to be discovered and rediscovered, whether you are a first-timer here or want to visit it again and again. Just have your to-do list ready because you will not want to miss out on any attraction when you are here in this exciting city.