Everyone has something that they wish would last forever, particularly if you’ve invested your time, money and effort into it. It’s quite natural that you would like your washer and dryer to be around much longer. Despite that, nothing lasts forever, especially not your white goods. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that your home appliances will need replacing until they stop working for good. 


However, replacing your home appliances can be a challenge when you decide to drop your hard-earned money into an entirely new unit for your laundry room. So before you start searching for a cheap clothes dryer, take a look at the signs that it’s time to swap your white goods to avoid potential danger and even costly repairs.


Your Clothes Aren’t Drying 


Nothing beats putting your wet clothes straight into the dryer, taking the load off your shoulders. But if your dryer is taking too long to dry your clothes, or your clothes are still wet or damp, your dryer might just be blocked up. Clogged air vents are a common cause of not enough airflow through your dryer’s vents, therefore you’ll definitely need to keep them clean before running the dryer. Check the air duct behind your dryer to ensure it’s not crushed or kinked. 


If this doesn’t really solve any of your issues, try closing and opening the valve again or disconnecting the dryer to check for blockages. Assuming that this doesn’t solve your problem, it’s time to let your dryer go.


Loud Noises


It’s a dream for everyone to have a peaceful and quiet time relaxing at home after placing your wet clothes into the dryer. But when your dryer starts to make unusual sounds such as rattling, banging or maybe even a high-pitched squealing, it’s most likely trying to inform you that it’s in need of repair, or at worst, replacement. 


Of course, sometimes it could just be that your dryer is off-balance due to a heavy distribution of laundry. In other cases, the blades in the defective blower wheel may become bent over time. If the noises still linger, it’s probably easier to invest a new machine.  


It’s Getting Old


Every major appliance has its own shelf life. The lifespan of a top-quality dryer can be over a full decade or about 13 years. Many of us may be unaware that old dryers are actually draining our bank accounts, especially considering the cost an old inefficient dryer can add to electricity bills. 


Your old dryer might lead you to use about 20% more energy than a newer model. In addition, you’ll probably have to pay more for repairs, so why not let it go and get an upgrade?


Wiring Is Exposed


Another serious sign you should be aware of is exposed or damaged wiring. Although, sometimes wiring might not be the issue that will convince you to have your dryer replaced. But, if there’s a burning smell during use, unplug your machine immediately and let it cool down before taking off the back panel. Leaving the wires exposed could lead to a house fire. Even if the wires have any cracked or peeling plastic coating, it’s time for you to take action. 


Drum Not Turning


If you realise your dryer’s drum is not turning despite the switch being on, the only cause of it would be the dryer belt. You might think that the belt in the dryer is big due to the size of the product, but unfortunately, most of them use a small belt instead. Over the course of time, the belt will eventually wear out. Make sure to seek professional advice when considering which choice of dryer is best for you to purchase. 


So, don’t worry about dipping into your bank account to get a new dryer. Just remember, no matter how great your white goods may be, all things always eventually come to an end.