With the launch of Cannabis 2.0 we decided to do some digging on all the great benefits of incorporating the plant into your daily routine. One of the most talked-about products is cannabis-infused topical creams to help aid in skin irritations and discomfort. Cannabis topicals are an amazing way to enjoy the numerous benefits of THC and CBD. Even if you’re not currently plant friendly, this is a great way to get introduced to world of weed! Topicals can come in a variety of forms; from everyday moisturizing lotions to balms for targeted problem areas, here are five reasons you should try cannabis-infused topicals:




Cannabis-infused topicals have large anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation in your muscles and on your skin. In fact, CBD has been known to help treat acne prone skin and is a popular ingredient in a variety of different beauty products.




CBD is arguably most well-known for alleviating stress and anxiety, as many consumers use CBD oil to help promote relaxation. By using cannabis-infused topicals on targeted areas, the product can yield the same results. This is due to certain properties found in CBD that activate the brains receptors to help alleviate stress and built up anxiety.

Pro tip: Rub the cream on your temples to ease anxiety and pain caused by tension headaches. 




Choosing the right topical cream to help eliminate pain can be tricky, so we did some searching for you. We are currently loving the Extra Strength Body Cream from Apothecanna, brought to you by 48North. The cream is formulated to tackle the most severe aches and pains with ingredients including Peppermint that help reduce inflammation and swelling in sore muscles. 




A common reason for using cannabis is to help you relax, but did you know cannabis-infused creams can aid in muscle relaxation as well? With properties such as Juniper, these products can reduce swelling and soothe nerves – taking most of your built-up tension away.

Pro tip: Add a cannabis-infused oil, such as Blissco Pūr Dew CBD Oil to your cream to further increase your muscle relaxation!




The skin is the largest organ on the body and needs to be taken care of just like everything else! Not only can cannabis-infused topicals reduce inflammation and relax your muscles, it can also create stimulation throughout your skin and increase blood flow. Gone are the days of poor circulation, as CBD is an easy fix. Rubbing topical lotion onto your skin can reduce pain, muscle cramps and numbness which can be caused by reduced blood flow. 

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