Lots of different stimuli can evoke childhood memories that take you back to a simpler time. The smell of freshly cut grass, the theme tune to your favourite kids’ show, and of course the taste of a snack that saw you through your early years.

Take a trip down memory lane with us as we explore just a few of the most iconic products from childhood that you can still try today.

Pop Tarts

There will definitely be some adults out there who still sneak a box of Pop Tarts into their shopping cart whenever they get the opportunity, but most leave these toaster pastries behind when they outgrow their adolescent phase.

Whether you prefer the fruitier varieties or would rather go all-out with chocolate, Pop Tarts are still a total delight, and have been wowing generations of kids for over half a century. Whether enjoyed warm as intended, or snacked on straight from the packet, they make just as good a post-dinner dessert as they do as breakfast food.


Whether chocolate or peanut-filled, M&Ms are the fun and funky treat that kids still love, and can even feature in a modern gourmet gift basket aimed at nostalgic adults.

The combination of a crunchy, colorful shell with a soft or brittle center is a timeless one, and although a whole host of other varieties have been released over the years, it’s the classic originals that are most likely to ignite memories of the past.


While in isolation the ingredients of the average Lunchables pack might not be that exciting, the real thrill that came with receiving this treat was being able to put the meal together yourself.

Turning mealtimes into a kind of game, while also making kids feel more grown up and responsible, is a clever trick that Lunchables continues to use to sell its kits to this day. They remain a staple lunch option, having originally hit the market in 1989.


The 1990s was a time in which kid culture pivoted towards the ‘radical’; when every advert featured a mascot wearing sunglasses, and every product was ‘totally awesome, dude’! Nothing epitomizes this trend more than Warheads, the super sour candies that added a competitive element to their consumption by effectively daring children to prove they could take the intense flavor for longer than their pals.

Still a hit in the 21st century, this Taiwanese candy brand will definitely conjure up some memorable experiences for any millennials who munched on them back in the day.


It’s hard to imagine a time when the McFlurry wasn’t a standard feature of the McDonald’s menu, but until 20 years ago it was entirely unheard of.

The theatrical process by which McFlurries are created is part of their appeal, and the chocolate-laced flavors and brain freeze-inducing mouthfuls will bring back summers spent hanging with friends and looking forward to a future filled with possibilities, devoid of the worries of the adult world.