A diamond solitaire is a piece of jewelry with only one diamond and no other diamonds or gemstones on the sides of the center stone or the ring’s shank. The word “diamond solitaire” is most usually linked with a solitaire setting, which is a ring with only one diamond or gemstone.

The solitaire engagement ring is a timeless classic that has been around for decades. Solitaire rings are also given to commemorate other special anniversaries, such as a major anniversary, a significant birthday, or a personal achievement, in addition to engagements.

Because of its traditional style and sturdy support, solitaire settings are a great complement for every diamond shape. A solitaire ring’s prongs will secure a diamond safely in place regardless of its shape or size. This ring type comes in a variety of prong arrangements and styles. Some of the most popular designs are given below.

6 Most Popular Solitaire Engagement Rings Styles

1. Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring: The most popular diamond shape is
round. With 57 facets, this is the most common round diamond shape. Single diamond
rings typically use this style. It allows an enormous amount of light to pass through it, allowing it to have a strong sparkle.
– It has a high glimmer
– Can mask color much better than other diamond shapes
– More flexibility than other shapes
– Because of how sparkly they are, they’re great at hiding inclusions
– Super versatile, they look good in all settings.

2. Bezel Setting Solitaire Engagement Ring: The Bezel Setting is a contemporary design. The ring’s band is utilized to elegantly hold the diamond in place. The diamond’s form is encircled by the band. These are perfect for everyday use and can withstand outdoor activities. Here are a few highlights:
– There are no prongs in the Bezel setting.
– Is a contemporary design.
– Has a modern and sleek look
– Does not catch onto clothing
– The band hides some of the stone to keep it in place which helps to keep it
safe as well. This ring set makes it apt for people with high energy careers and
lifestyles                                                                                                                                                         – Cleaning and maintenance are easy (i.e, no need to routinely check prongs)

3. Prong Setting Solitaire Engagement Ring:
The different shapes of diamonds you select will alter the overall aesthetic of the ring, the
prong setting is ideal. The majority of prong sets will have 4-6 prongs in total. The diamond is held in place by these.
– The diamond’s sparkle is the most noticeable, as it allows a lot of light to pass through
hence increasing its fire and brilliance.
– The stone is raised above the rest of the setting, making it a lot more noticeable
– It has a more traditional appearance, one that’s classic and timeless.
– Regularly examine the prongs and be careful not to snag them on clothing or other
– Supports and complements a wide range of diamond shapes and sizes.
– Cleaning and upkeep are simple.

4. Tension Setting Solitaire Engagement Ring:
The term “tension setting” means exactly that. The pressure of the ring pressing in on either side of the stone keeps it in place. This may not appear to hold the diamond sufficiently, however, the diamond is held in place when set professionally. Highlighted below are a few characteristics.

Tension-style settings have a similar appearance to diamond suspension but are less
expensive and time-consuming to create. This setting uses a bezel or prong setting underneath or on the diamond’s side to hold the diamond properly in place, they add an added layer of security.

– It has a distinct appearance.
– The solitaire diamond is retained in place safely.
– It requires less maintenance than a prong setup.
– For added security, a prong can be inserted on the underside.

5. Cathedral Setting Solitaire Engagement Ring:
The cathedral is a beautiful setting. It is frequently used as an engagement ring, but it can also be worn for other events. Its name comes from the cathedral design that it houses. The edifice is as beautiful as a cathedral. The arches create a classic atmosphere. Some characteristics of the cathedral ring setting are listed below.

– Increases the height of the diamond, attracting more attention.
– The diamond or gemstone in position is highlighted.
– Allows the diamond’s center to attract attention.
– Regular cleaning is required.

6. Classic Style Half Round Solitaire Engagement Ring:
A version of the typical six-prong solitaire is the half-round solitaire, with a more beautiful
prong structure and a ring shank that is rounded on the outside and flat on the inside.

This classic solitaire style is available in a range of metals, including 18k white and yellow
gold, and platinum, and may accommodate a variety of stone sizes.


The cornerstone of your entire ring design is the ring setting. Personal style and inclination, as well as the wearer’s lifestyle, play a big role in selection.

Some patterns are more detailed with stones that are high-set and are better suited for busy people or those who use their hands frequently for work. Assess how often the ring will be cleaned and maintained realistically, as some settings demand more maintenance than others.

Published by HOLR Magazine.