Giving gifts is not always an easy task. You have to know who it is that you are giving something to, as well as consider if they have it already. Some people are much more practical and although most people will thank you for anything you give them, some gifts will be much more appreciated.

Sturdy Umbrella

For anyone that lives in a city or country that has multiple seasons, especially rainy ones, will understand that an umbrella is essential for certain regions and climates. The fact is that you cannot always prepare for the weather, and it can be unexpected. Additionally, not all umbrellas are built with the same quality in mind. Most umbrellas will be fine in a light shower or drizzle, but many rainstorms also involve a lot of heavy showers and wind, which can easily destroy cheaper umbrellas. If you are gifting something practical, consider a sturdy umbrella that will last a long time and get them through any storm.


Shoes are a great gift to give to practical people. Although there are so many styles to choose from, and shoes may not initially feel like a practical gift since they may be seen more as an accessory than a need, this will depend both on the person giving something to and the shoes you are gifting. If the person you are gifting to does not have a shoe obsession or is obsessed with brand names, shoes can really be a useful gift. If the shoes you are getting provide a purpose such as athletic wear, hiking, or knowing they need a new pair, this can be a thoughtful gift. 


Shoes wear down quite often, and if you are active, you can go through shoes frequently. Most athletes will wear out a pair of shoes within a year or two. Additionally, there are new technologies that have allowed shoes to be more versatile. Some of these features include more athletic purposes or even waterproof capabilities, allowing your shoes to be worn all year round.


If you are shopping and giving a present to someone that is trying to be more active or is already active, a smartwatch is perfect for those that don’t already have one. Moreover, these smartwatches provide the essential statistics necessary to track your workouts and exercises. Additionally, they come with many features for all sorts of people with different intentions and purposes in mind. From tracking your exercises in different workout modes to tracking sleep, these are versatile devices for everyday use.


For the person on your list that is an avid reader, an e-reader is an extremely thoughtful and practical gift to give them. Many readers understand the amount of shelf space their book collection can take up in their rooms and home. Although you will still want to have a bookcase to showcase your collection, you can significantly cut down the clutter with an e-reader. Additionally, e-readers are perfect for the traveler, as these are lightweight and take up significantly less space in their baggage. For a practical gift for the book fiend in your life, consider an e-reader.


Sometimes, you can’t figure out the perfect gift to give someone, especially for a person that is not too picky but very practical in the gifts they like to receive. A gift card provides you the personal touch of understanding where this person enjoys shopping, but without limiting them to a specific gift and provides them the opportunity to choose it for themselves. Most gift cards do not have expiration dates, so there is no pressure when it comes to having to spend the credit.


As great as gift cards are, the only thing better than getting a gift card is a cash or money. Many people are hesitant to give money, opting to go the gift card route as it appears more of a gift for many people. However, there are many reasons to give cash that are perfect for practical people. Firstly, you are not limiting the recipient to where they can spend their money, providing them absolute freedom of choice on their gift. 

Even more important, if someone is thinking practically, they may much more appreciate having money to spend on necessities that you may not see as a gift itself, such as on groceries, bills, or debt. Cash provides a great deal of financial freedom, and those that are practical will understand and appreciate your thoughts behind it.

Remember that the person you are giving something to is just as important to think about as the gift itself. Consider your relationship with someone to help determine what is a suitable gift. If you do, they will surely appreciate the thought and effort.