To most people, a mirror is simply an object to check your face or whole body before heading out just to make sure you look presentable. To an interior designer, however, this is his secret weapon to giving the house an attractive interior. Mirrors have a way of giving your house beauty and transforming it into an astounding spectacle. Have you ever gone into a bathroom and felt it should have been your living room? This is the power of mirrors of transforming spaces into a spectacle worth gazing at. If you have been looking for ways to improve your interior space, here are six ways mirrors can do the magic for you.

1. Enhancing the Room

Sometimes you get a room with a feature that you don’t like. Maybe a sloping ceiling or a gap you want to deflect attention from. Adding a mirror to these places can help enhance the room a great deal. If your room is also rather small and can’t accommodate a lot of furniture pieces, you can get a mirror or several and place them in strategic positions. They create an illusion of bigger space, especially when placed on walls. The best part is that there’s a wide range of mirrors to choose from depending on your tastes, preferences, and the rest of your room decor. The professionals behind Homes Direct 365 point out that some of your options will include Venetian, contemporary, decorative, shabby chic, and French mirrors. They also exist in different styles, shapes, and sizes that you can choose from to suit your needs and budget. Depending on where they are placed, mirrors will enhance the room and give it an appeal of fullness. 

2. Brightening the Room

Sometimes you find that a room is too dark, maybe because there is one light source or the room is too dull. This is something that having mirrors in the room can help you with. All you need to do is place a mirror so that reflects the light from the source to another mirror in another place. Having two or three mirrors placed in a strategic plan in any room will get it lit and bright within no time. If the room is entirely dark, have a mirror near the lamp and another somewhere in the room. They will effectively double up the lighting in the house.

3. Increase the “Number” Of Windows

If your room lacks enough windows, it might look small or less spacious. As earlier mentioned, you can change this by including a few mirrors in the house. All you need is to place the mirrors in a strategic position and have them reflect the existing window. This will create an illusion of many windows in the room. The room is also made to look more expansive and spacious. The room will be much brighter due to the reflection of the light by the same mirrors. 

4. Illuminate Dark Corners 

In many instances, you will find rooms with certain parts looking dull and deprived of natural light almost completely. In this case, you can also use a mirror to increase illumination in those parts. Position a mirror in the room in such a way that light from the well-lit parts of the house is reflected in the less illuminated part. The lighting might be artificial or natural. Either way, the trick will work and the room will have been enhanced.

5. Decoration 

Mirrors are also great when used as decoration for the room. If you guessed right, these are called decorative mirrors. When you have a room with a plain wall and don’t know what to do with it, you can easily have a mix of the mirror on the same wall and see them breathe life into it. You should, however, make sure they either have the same shape, pattern, or frame color. You can also blend them in a way that best suits your taste. They will add beauty to the room alongside the other benefits discussed in this piece. You just have to be creative about it.

6. Bring In the Outdoor Environment into Your Indoor Space 

One of the reasons mirrors have such a good effect wherever they are integrated, is their reflective nature. For example, when you have a great view outside your room or house, you can use mirrors to bring it indoors. Get some big mirrors so they can capture the scenery as it is and reflect it to your desired location in the house.

Mirrors can work magic in any room they are integrated into. With the right ideas, you can make an odd-looking space a spectacle. Look at the points above for some insight.