A fascinating new series will be launching on CBC Gem on February 11 called Best in Miniature.

A viral TikTok and YouTube trend is getting its own show! Hosted by Canadian actress and comedian, Aba Amuquandoh, this unique show will follow 11 competitors as they build their dream homes in miniature form.

This 10×60 series brings to life the inspiring stories of skilled miniaturists from around the world who have all found a passion for designing and constructing intricate miniature homes in varying styles and aesthetics. Each contestant will create their houses in painstaking detail, room by room by shrinking life-size objects to a 1:12 scale. The challenges will be judged by U.K miniature expert, Emma Waddell, and esteemed Canadian interior designer, Micheal Lambie.

The program breaks the mold by taking elaborate interior design and functional architecture and shrinking everything down to itty-bitty proportions. While the objects may be small in stature, the stakes could not be higher.

As the host, Aba Amuquandoh got the VIP seat and watched everything unfold. Up next, she gives us an insight into what the experience was like…

Aba Amuquandoh

Courtesy of CBC Gem

Aba Amuquandoh On Best In Miniature

What was it like to be a front-row witness to the competition?

I mean this in the most uncorny way possible, but it really does feel special! It’s an honour to watch the artists’ work. Whenever I see miniature videos on my timeline it’s always stuff that’s already been made, I never get to see the process. It’s such a private one in fact because most miniaturists like to work in private, so it really is amazing to watch.

What were some of the most inspiring moments you experienced while watching the competitors build their dream homes?

I really don’t know where to begin, they all created such amazing work in a very small amount of time so it felt like I was inspired at every turn. But I think if I had to be specific, watching them all share with each other even with the time constraints and the nature of it being a competition was the most inspiring thing. This is our first insight into the miniature community and it’s nice to see what a supportive group they are.

Aba Amuquandoh

Courtesy of CBC Gem

What was it like to be able to work alongside legends such as U.K miniature expert, Emma Waddell, and esteemed Canadian interior designer, Micheal Lambie?

They both came into the competition with so much knowledge and expertise, so it felt like I had so much to learn from. I’d look at a piece or a room and be like, ‘wow, this is phenomenal’, but then they’d have like a million notes about what could be better. They really helped curate my eye, and we all learned so much at the end of the day.

How was hosting Best in Miniature different from other projects you’ve done?

I don’t think I’ve ever hosted something so niche and whimsical! There is a real child-like joy about watching the artists create their pieces. When I host, I’m usually just introducing people but with this show, I really get to learn about the process as well as get to know the contestants, so it’s a very fun experience. Most of my interactions were off script and there’s probably so much on the editing room floor that they couldn’t use cause I had so much fun with them.

Make sure to catch Aba on “Best In Miniature” on February 11th only on CBC Gem.


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