When you’re starting a new chapter in life; you will be undertaking multiple tasks at once. From assessing finances and paperwork relating to your new location, as well as the task of moving items and relocating. In this instance, you may have already looked at CarsArrive Auto Relocation so you can ensure your vehicles are moved orderly. Then you must think about having all your items shipped. However, once this is complete, the very real task of remodelling and turning the home into an architectural haven can certainly bring with it a plethora of trials and tribulations. 

A full analysis 

First of all, the work requires accurate measurement and documentation of the existing situation. Why is this important? Because that is the basis for planning. From here the architect will be able to plan the changes that will be made to the interior of the building. The measurement of the building can be done by ordering a certified surveyor, or the simple way is not to be lazy and let the architect or interior designer measure the entire building, and also photograph it from every possible direction. If there are plans for the building as work plans or an application for a building permit, it is highly advisable to give them to the architect. These plans are another basis for comparing the condition that was planned and approved for construction, and the actual physical condition of the home. These plans are important tools, because then you can see the position of the pillars in the walls, the new walls you may want to add or take away, the bare shells of the flooring. It is much easier.

Do you really need a design? 

Style is the driving force behind the world of design and fashion. Look for the hottest trends – and you will discover designer sites that deal with the subject. Beyond the information and abundance that floods us, have you stopped and asked the really important questions about the design: what is right for me? What patterns and tones do I like? The chances are that even when you answer these questions, your preferences will still be part of a ‘design trend’. 

Why renovate at all?

It is important to understand what we want to achieve through renovation, and there are many reasons why home renovations are done. If it is a renovation for investment (if you are planning to sell or rent the house) then the expense will usually be lower as it will be done at a standard level and without special additions. You can turn a 4-room apartment into a 5-room apartment or split an apartment into investment housing units. This way you can increase its value and as a result also get a better price on it in the real estate market. Cosmetic renovation alone will satisfy the tenants as in many cases it is a temporary solution on their part. In a renovation intended for sale, it is recommended to also invest in replacing the infrastructure, increase the value of the apartment and of course sell it faster. If you are simply renovating for your own personal preference, then in this case, you will dramatically increase the value of your home, you will add style and substance to your new space and it will have your stamp on it! 

The architectural trends of 2021

There is no denying that trends shift quickly but  they do shape our interiors. Whilst many trends fizzle out quickly, some are undying and offer a modern yet traditional look to any home. You probably already have some trend in your home; whether that’s a fur rug, velvet curtains, plush purple furniture or maybe the rattan furniture look. All of these have been a trend at some point or another. This year, the focus has shifted to sustainability and minimal beauty. 

Restraint, minimalism and humility in fact. As it stands now, the designs for 2021 are a visual expression of the mood of the past six months and convey restraint, minimalism and humility, the complete opposite of the pompous, rich and colorful designs that characterized the two years. It gives way to a connection to the basics. The models are modest, raw and restrained, most of them in straight lines. There is also going to be an emphasis on creative storage solutions, including modular units that are adapted to different spaces in the house – functional furniture and spaces are vital because they add utilitarian charm and value. 

There is also a strong emphasis on vegan and conscious design that includes the use of consumables and recycled materials: This can be clearly seen in the wallpapers and wall coverings, a significant percentage of which are made of natural materials. This means a longer-lasting design that doesn’t use up too many of the world’s resources or using materials that are easily sourced. 

An old trend returns…

Sustainability is not a new concept. In fact, it is a centuries-old trend that has been somewhat forgotten and is now returning to the center of the stage. It started in the Far East, where the aristocracy sought to enrich the walls of houses and used bamboo and straw cladding for this purpose. The contemporary interpretation is upgraded and includes surprising materials like raffia fabrics, silk threads, mica stones and mother of pearl and even recycled banana tree bark. Now, in the west, we are adapting this to create a sustainable sanctuary. Pulling from old traditions is wise; so you will be sure to see bamboo and similar materials pop up often! 

Let there be light! 

In the coming year there will be increased use of intense and dramatic colors: The lamps of 2021 are more theatrical than before, some made of perforated metals that allow the beam of light to shine through and create a sophisticated play of light and shadow on the walls and ceiling. They are absolutely perfect, they create harmony in the space and make it personal and full of character. These lighting choices can make or break a room. They offer ambience, cosiness and charm. Look for the newest trends to see which takes your eye; the chances are you will want to play around more with light to highlight and accent your chosen shades and tones. 

Modern living spaces

The living room is a central and significant space in the house, you can choose quality modern furniture made of wood or metal, and the guiding rule is spaces between the furniture, minimalism, simple geometric shapes, relatively light shades with the option to choose a dominant wall and paint it in bold and dramatic shades.  A modern and simple space opens up creativity for the mind, so the experts say, and with everything in its rightful place, there is a semblance of order and tidiness which assists the mind in every way. 

One of the rules in modern design is the use of quality and natural materials, as we have already spoken about; light and airy which offer style but also calmness. Instead of heavy and luxurious furniture, choose furniture items in a light modern design made of quality and durable materials, use a lot of wood and other natural materials, and combine the two styles to get an original and luxurious design that suits the lifestyle of the modern age. You will see a lot of light pines and marbles, both of which are sustainable. Marble, a material as old as time is not only beautiful and utterly delightful on the eye but can be found safely in abundance. Fully sustainable and gorgeous, what could be better?  

Modern office design?

The current situation with Covid-19 has affected the way we all work, and the modern design is suitable for home work areas and various businesses who are currently operating from home. When designing the office, you should focus on the important matters, such as being comfortable and working in a safe environment without hazards. Moving computers around from the work office to a home office could mean trails of wires and tripping hazards. You must ensure that things are neat and tidy. Next your focus should turn to what the experts are saying. Using ergonomic furniture may be expensive, but it can greatly impact your lifestyle. Keeping your back straight and neck aligned will rule out any potential physical issues which could hinder you. Look to buy two monitors also. You should be looking at the designs for the home office that tantalise your inspiration! 

What shades inspire? What shapes will look good in the room? Do you need added style such as rugs and new curtains? A moodboard? All of the above will continue to a new and functional home space. It’s good to be inspired, and it is good to remodel your house accordingly, if and when you are able to. You must remember to heed  the advice of the professionals, and add the value to your home for the future. Because the future is exciting!