Covid-19 induced stay at home measures has become a sort of unintentional experiment for most businesses. After being driven by the need to consider various new means to ensure the continuity of business, most firms are starting to see the benefits of having employees work from home. 

When it comes to marketing, there has definitely been a major shift in recent years because of the advent of social media. Right now, with everyone staying at home, glued to their screens, there are greater opportunities for brands to get themselves noticed online. That also makes this the right time to move into that work from home marketing career. Here are a few professions you could consider:

Social media manager

The duties of this role go beyond posting timely and engaging content in the social world of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. A social media manager executes a marketing plan as per the company’s continuously evolving goals like improving website traffic or creating brand awareness. An understanding of how social media and analytics work and great communication skills are essential for this role which has great potential for being a remote position.

Digital Strategist

A role that triggers much discussion in marketing circles as to what exactly the duties entail. But, one can say that this job involves developing a good understanding of consumer data and creating a connection between the needs, challenges, and goals of the different aspects of the business. Using this information, they develop a plan that effectively helps meet the brand’s objectives.

Marketing Analyst

Every firm relies on someone in this role to analyze all available data to create the best strategies and thereby reduce risk. These professionals juggle terms like ‘response rates’ and ‘return on investment’ to determine what a company should sell and how to do it profitably. Many fulfill the duties of this position as freelance consultants to monitor competitor activities and create up to date consumer data.

Copywriter/Marketing Blog Editor

Some ad jingles get stuck with us for life, don’t they? Here’s where you take your hats off for the copywriter. If you have a creative flair for playing with ideas and creating compelling ads, being a wordsmith is a potential path for you to explore remote working opportunities. Present times offer new challenges in this job that involve generating content not just for the human mind, but also to tap into the machine language.

Affiliate Manager

Many online marketing companies hire a professional to manage the affiliates who promote their product/service. Such a role would involve recruiting new promoters and ensuring their audiences are aligned with the brand’s target market. As is evident in the job title, these marketers also keep tabs on the activities of the recruited people and create strategies involving them in a liaison with the advertiser.

Brand Marketer

The key responsibility of designing the brand aura falls on the professional in this role. They research the market to find the right pedestal for a brand and also design strategies that determine public brand perception. Essentially, they create a bridge between the product and the customer through creative and captivating means.