Finding the perfect pieces of clothing at an affordable price is hard, but these top 7 best palaces to thrift shop in Toronto offer an incredible selection.

Black Market

Two-time winners of the best vintage clothing store in Toronto, Black Market takes a spot on our top ten list. Located at 347 Queen St W, this store is a vast expanse of clothing ready to be stolen for their cheap prices. It offers everything from tacky sweaters (one that I own) to denim jeans and cheap graphic t-shirts. Easily a staple for hipsters and us broke students alike.

Courage My Love

Selling Funky, long-running staples for vintage apparel, oddities, home goods, beads & curated jewelry, this hidden gem is buried in the Kensington Market. At 14 Kensington Ave, this thrift store is for the thrift connoisseur.


Also in Kensington Market at 273 Augusta Ave, this vintage store offers vintage clothing, retro furniture, home, and fashion accessories. Featuring modern styles and retro classics all in a comfortable luxury spacing to allow you to shop in style!

Stella Luna

What makes this place shine isn’t their incredibly affordable prices (which they have) or their amazing well-kept selection (that too) or even their superb, unequaled collection of hats. But their one-of-a-kind owner who makes the whole shopping experience amazing through her attentive, helpful attitude is one of the most friendly, but not in a pushy way, store owner. Making this thrift store a Stellar selection to thrift from.

Double Take

Lead and organized by the Yonge Street Mission, a charity designed specifically to support and propel neighbours to overcome poverty and remove barriers. This store has everything and in all sizes, from baby-wear to adulthood and pregnancy. Not only does this store sell clothes, but shoes, belts, bags, jewelry, and a bunch of other random things like electronics, art supplies, and books. A great store that sells high-quality worn clothes at reduced prices, where all proceeds go back to YSM.

Pegasus Thrift Store

This volunteer-run project is run and owned by another non-profit organization that provides services and support for those with developmental disabilities in Toronto. This thrift shop is located at 931 Kingston Rd where you’ll find cheap clothes, jeans, and shoes donated by the community. All proceeds go back to the Pegasus Community Project.

Designer Fragrances Depot

For $1 per item, this insanely cheap store’s only drawback is the fact it’s just mountains of clothes in the centre of the building. Though with 90% off brand name products, most of us thrifters can with enough time and dedication can forgive the disturbingly messy piles.

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