After  2-year hiatus, it is time to get outside, join a team, and help raise money for the Special Olympics Canada Foundation. 


Special Olympics Canada and Motionball are joining forces again to raise money and have an action-packed sports day at the University of Toronto. With the help of teams, companies and local support, Motionballs plan to raise an ambitious goal of $325,000 for the Canadian Special Olympics Team. 

Motionball is made up of staff, volunteers, young professionals and students from all over Canada who want to make an impact and know that this impact is what drives generations to better the world for those in the Special Olympics and alike. 

Motionball was created by three brothers, Paul, Mark and Sean who grew up knowing the importance of volunteering for the community and especially the impact they made with the special Olympics. After their first fundraiser with a total of $45,000, they began to expand with Marathon of Sport, and since 2003, they have launched MoS in many cities and Universities across Canada. 


Marathon of Sport Toronto not only brings awareness to the Special Olympics but allows people to join together who with or without intellectual disabilities can interact, build friendships, and ultimately make their communities more inclusive. 

The fundraiser’s goal this year of $325,000 will ensure that the Special Olympics athletes have the resources they need to have fun, stay active and make sure that their return to the sports they love is safe. 

Motionball is a national non-profit organization that has been raising funds and awareness for the Special Olympics Foundation for years. From inclusive social and sporting events like the one happening on June 4th to the 50+ annual events across 17 Canadian cities and universities, Motionball has raised over $15 million dollars for the Canadian Special Olympics Foundation. 

To learn more about how you can register and participate at Motionball’s Marathon of Sport, follow Motionball on social media @motionball #MarathonofSport #NoGoodWay. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine 

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