Thrifting is a trend that has been going on for years, and yet a lot of people have no clue about thrift shopping in terms of affordability, quality, and accessibility. To understand thrift shopping better, you need to keep in mind that there are different types of thrift shops with various ranges of price tags. Let’s take a look at the order from the lowest cost to the high-end thrift shops.

Good Will/Salvation Army/Value Village 

Good Will shops and Salvation Army offer unbeatable price tags for nearly everyone who wants to shop there. The main attractions for this type of stores are affordable pricing and a varied  amount of selections. They’re mostly non-profit organizations which means that the clothes that you find there have been donated and the money that you spend will be donated to food banks, Red Cross, etc., to help people in need. It could be hit or miss, all you need is patience and you will definitely be able to find some gems at a decent price. Curated Vintage Shops

There is a difference between vintage shopping and thrifting. Vintage shoppers care about the products in terms of when the garment was made and the quality of it. A lot of people like to shop in stores that are hand-picked by the buyers and curated at the sales floor. Here, you will be able to find a lot of pieces that are made in the 90’s, 80’s,70’s and even before.Garments mainly include vintage band t-shirts, racing car shirts, Harley Davidson, and flare pants that are from the 70’s. The price point for curated vintage shops is usually significantly higher than Good Will due to the rarity of the garment as well as the quality. Many people would shop in those stores because they can’t find these clothes anywhere else!

Consignment/Second Hand Designers shops

These types of stores are usually considered the high-end shops in the world of thrifting. The garments there are usually from big name designers and hyped items that have been only slightly used. The stores take a certain amount of commission per cloth sold, and they are great places for people who want to get designer items for a relatively affordable price –compared to retail price.