The CoronaVirus Pandemic has seen so many of us stuck at home just dreaming about the day when we will finally be allowed to return to our normal lives. For those of us who love to travel, one of the worst things about the pandemic is the global restriction on travel. With the successful development and rollout of Covid-19 vaccines, these restrictions may soon be lifted allowing us all to travel again. If you have started planning your next trip, you are probably aiming to make it the best one ever to make up for all that lost time. For people who enjoy an adventurous vacation, there are some incredible places around the world to check out.

Here is our comprehensive guide to the 8 best places for an adventure travel holiday.

1. The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands, an archipelago located off the west coast of South America, are right at the top of the bucket list for so many people. Made famous by Charles Darwin’s studies of evolution, these islands are one of the most incredible places to see wildlife in the entire world. As well as the famous giant tortoises and marine iguanas which are unique to the Galapagos, the islands are also one of the diving and snorkeling destinations on the planet. With countless species of fish, turtles and rays, as well as amazing seasonal opportunities to see whale sharks and hammerheads, the oceans are the islands are a dream for underwater adventurers.

2. Machu Picchu, Peru

These awe-inspiring Incan ruins are one of the seven wonders of the world and are an absolute dream for photographers and adventurers alike. Built right up in the Andes Mountains, Machu Picchu is a mind-boggling feat of pre-mechanical engineering. Many of the most important Incan sites were destroyed by the Spanish but they were never able to find Machu Picchu because of its remote location. The best way for adventurers to visit is at the end of the world famous Inca Trail, a four day/three night hike along the same mountain trails the Inca people would have taken. Camping each night along the trail, visitors are blessed with stunning views each morning, but none so than the fourth morning when they arrive at Machu Picchu to see the sun rising through the Eastern Gate. 

3. Key West, Florida

Key West was famously the home of Ernest Hemingway, and as can be seen from his famous story The Old Man and the Sea, he was a man who loved the ocean. Key West is the perfect holiday location for everyone who enjoys sailing, fishing and just being out on the waves. The town itself is an eclectic mix of cultures with cajun and cuban influences creating a unique style of architecture, music and food. The weather in Key West is stunning all year round, so there is never a bad time to visit this special town. All visitors need to set aside one afternoon to visit Hemingway’s house which has been turned into a museum.

4. Palawan, Philippines

There are so many beautiful places in the Philippines but the island of Palawan is really the jewel in the country’s crown. Most visitors will fly into Puerto Princesa from where the other hot spots on the island are a bus or boat trip away. Many visitors head to El Nido, a bustling beach town with fantastic bars and restaurants and a thriving backpacker scene. El Nido is the starting point for some of the most stunning island hopping tours you can do anywhere in South East Asia. El Nido town can get a bit wild at night for some people, for whom the tranquility of Coron and Bohol at the northern end of Palawan are the perfect relaxation spots.

5. Banos, Ecuador

Banos de Agua Santa is a stunning little town in the Ecuadorian hills which was made famous when the locals saw a vision of the Virgin Mary in a grotto in the town. While this draws curious religious visitors from the local region, the more adventurous head to Banos because its surrounding landscape is ideal for some serious fun. Ziplining, canyoning and trekking over terrifying mountain passes are part of a normal day spent in Banos. Once visitors get back to the town after an adrenaline pumping activity, they can soak their weary bones in the natural hot springs upon which the town was built before enjoying a meal and a drink at a local restaurant.

6. Jaisalmer, India

It would be easy to write an entire guide on adventure spots in India, but Jaisalmer in the northern region of Rajasthan offers something a little special. Up near the Pakistani border, Jaisalmer is a city in the sand, where visitors can sign up for an overnight camel tour in the desert. Many people are surprised at just how massive these animals are up close but there is something so tranquil about trekking through the silent desert way up on the back of these majestic animals. At the end of the trek, it is time for dinner and a sundowner, before spending the night sleeping out in the desert, staring up at the incredible stars.

7. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The second snorkeling and diving paradise on our list, The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest living organism on the planet and is an absolute must-visit for anyone who gets the chance. There are many different species of coral and marine life that every time you go down you will have a different experience. The best entry point into The Great Barrier Reef is the coastal city of Cairns which has hundreds of great hotels, restaurants and bars to enjoy. There are also fantastic water sports available in Cairns so visitors can enjoy themselves between diving sessions.

The world provides so many amazing opportunities for adventure. The eight destinations in this guide are some of our favorites but there are thousands of other incredible places to visit and experience incredible landscapes and activities. With the world starting to open up again, take advantage of our wonderful planet and set out on your own adventure.