Have you been thinking of going to Southern Norway during your vacation? Knowing the places to visit and the activities to indulge in is one of the best ways to plan for your trip. If you’ve never been to Southern Norway, you have to go. You won’t regret visiting this amazing place. You won’t want to go back home after spending a few days here.

If you have enough time, two weeks will be enough to explore most of the areas in Southern Norway. When you start exploring the area, you’ll be surprised by the number of ferries between islands. You can guide yourself because the region is not complex. To help you come up with a great plan, here are eleven of the best places to visit in Southern Norway. Let’s get started!

1. Oslo
Oslo is a clean, beautiful, and warm city. Even with the history that you’ll find here, the town still feels modern and incredible. There are plenty of museums in this town; however, you can do other things if history isn’t your thing. According to college paper.org reviews, this city doesn’t feel like a city thanks to the lush forests
and plenty of water. The best thing about Oslo is you can visit it in summer or winter. It’s one of the best weekend destinations in Southern Norway.

2. Preikestolen
Preikestolen is one of the most beautiful places in Southern Norway. It’s also a famous hiking spot in the area. You can camp on the shores of the Fjord and enjoy the spectacular views. If you are an avid hiker and adventurer, Preikestolen is the ideal spot for you. Since it’s a popular hiking spot in the area, it would be best to go there early in the morning before people start arriving.

3. Bergen
Bergen is famous for heavy rain. However, this should not stop you from visiting this fantastic place. The city has a lot to offer. Not to forget the spectacular views across the sea. If you are into history, this beautiful city is home to medieval buildings dating back a couple of centuries. According to the research paper writing service, you’ll get the opportunity to see a wide variety of traditional costumes and interact with different cultures. The mixture of the old and modern is just amazing. The Old Wharf is also worth your time. You’ll be surprised to know that this city inspired the famous movie, Frozen.

4. The Norwegian Fjords
There are no accurate words to describe the Norwegian Fjords but it’s just breathtaking. The beauty and size of this amazing landscape are simply amazing. Wherever you go in Norway, you should remember to visit at least one of the Fjords. Most people like Geirangerfjord due to its gigantic size. However, you have several options on the table.

5. Flamsbana Railway

Being on a guided tour is a great thing especially when visiting an unfamiliar region. However, if you are not enjoying your tour in Southern Norway, you should visit the Flamsbana Railway. You’ll get up into the mountains without having to hike. Apart from the spectacular views, you’ll get to see an incredible waterfall at close range. The breeze in this area is just amazing.

6. Trollstigen Road
Trollstigen Road is breathtaking. It’s one of the twistiest roads in Southern Norway. To have a great experience, you should consider riding down it on a motorbike. If you are not on a road trip, consider renting a motorbike or car so that you can experience this amazing road for yourself. It’s one of the top things to do in Norway. You won’t forget doing this especially when speeding.

7. Alesund
According to assignment help, Alesund is a beautiful town with lots of fun things to do. You are going to enjoy walking around the beautiful streets and interacting with the locals. This place is usually busy especially during the summer months because most of the cruise ships dock here.

8. Sverd I fjell
Sverd I fjell is not one of the most popular places in Southern Norway. However, it’s one of the intriguing places that you’ll visit in Norway. You’ll get to see three huge swords that have been driven into a rock. Apart from that, the views are just breathtaking. It’s also a few meters from Stavanger which is another remarkable place that you should visit.

9. Visit the deepest lake
Hornindalsvanet is a random attraction site in Southern Norway. It is the deepest lake in Norway. Experts report that its depth its bottom is 461 meters below sea level and its depth is 514 meters. You’ll enjoy the spectacular view and the number of activities that you can indulge in.

10. The Northern Lights
If you happen to visit Norway during the summer months, you might not see the Northern lights. The Northern lights are visible in the north of the Arctic Circle. You can also see them in Southern Norway when the conditions are perfect.

11. Steinsdalsfossen waterfall
Steinsdalsfossen is a beautiful and favourite waterfall for most tourists and locals. You’ll not only get to see it at close range but also walk behind it and feel the force of water crashing over the rocks. You won’t get tired of being in this place.

Bonus destination: Pulpit Rock
You’ll get one of the best views of Norway once you reach the top of Pulpit Rock. It’s one of the best destinations in Norway thanks to the vistas you’re going to see across the Fjord. The hike takes around four to five hours. However, the duration depends on how to fit you are. If you enjoy hiking, this is one of the best spots for you.
You should be prepared for the changing weather conditions once you get to the top. You need to take extra precautions, especially during the high winds because most hikers fall off the ledge. Also, you shouldn’t risk getting too close to the edge because it’s a 2000 feet vertical drop. You need to be sensible and prioritize your safety while hiking in this area. After all, the last thing you want is to injure yourself during your holiday.

There are so many places in Southern Norway to visit. The beautiful islands and roads will help you discover amazing destinations that will make your holiday exciting and memorable. While visiting these places, you should prioritize your safety. The last thing you want to happen is lying in a hospital bed during your holiday. By having a map and coming up with a clear plan, your stay in Norway will be amazing.

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