Stunning cliffsides and steep coastlines characterize the Sorrentine Peninsula’s southern Italian shore; The Amalfi Coast is unconditionally one of the most breathtakingly beautiful sights in the world.

Italy is truly a beautiful country, to say the least. There’s so much within to explore. I had the pleasure of travelling throughout the noteworthy, eminent Amalfi Coast — it was an experience unlike any other.

There’s a narrow zigzagged road that stretches through the coast, with summits that plummet directly down into the sea leaving little to no room for error. In my home base of Positano, there’s a slender one-way street shared by pedestrians, scooters, and vehicles. It’s easy to distinguish the local drivers from the tourists, as the locals simply have no fear of those sharp turns and zip past people at high speeds in complete ease.

For those not faint of heart, the view of the coastline is picturesque and really allows you to appreciate the beauty of the region. There’s not much more stunning than the layered villas and restaurants creeping up the cliff in pretty pastel colours and the greenery interwoven throughout.

Positano is dreamlike, the atmosphere charming and eclectic. The food is fresh and traditional. The hills will have you walking further and more than ever before, but you’ll certainly feel like you’re in a lover’s paradise.

Whether on the beach looking up at the beautiful adorned cliff or at the top looking down onto the town and beach, everywhere you look is simply stunning. The panoramic view from my villa was incomparable and the balcony was possibly the best I’ve stayed in.

amalfi coast Summer In Italy, the villa rental service we used, was also extremely helpful with absolutely everything. From recommending to us restaurants and cafes, to our fantastic boat excursion — everything they suggested was top notch.

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We ventured to Capri via Valentine’s Boat, a private yacht rental. Stopping along the way Francesco, our guide, told us stories and facts about the island. We swam and snorkelled, explored Capri, and watched the sunset as we returned to Positano. There are a few other ways to get to Capri including the ferry if you’re not looking to spend the day on the water and find doing a boat tour a little out of your price range!

If you’re someone who loves hiking I highly recommend doing a portion of Path of Gods. The entire trail can take from 5 to 9 hours depending on how fast you’re going. Or whether you’re travelling on a tour, and how many picture breaks you’re taking along the way. Our journey was from Nocelle to Praiano, taking us 2.5 hours, and over 10,000 steps.  The route is clearly marked with red and white stripes but is definitely not for beginner hikers or those who are afraid of heights. There are parts that are quite rugged and if you opt to hike it, watch your step and be cautious as a simple slip of step could be extremely unforgiving.

I can’t wait to return and explore the coast more, but for now I leave you with my top picks! These are some  of the best places in the region, perfect for first-timers.

Best Quick Pizza: La Collina

Best Espresso: La Collina

Best Gelato: Cafe Popsicle

Best Crepe: Gelateria Artigianale

Best Adventure: Path of Gods

Best Day Trip: Capri by Boat Tour (Valentine’s Boat)

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FYI, The beaches are pebbly and dark in colour, which heat up by the sun extremely easily. Bring flip flops that you can wear to the waters edge because trust me, you will NOT want to walk barefoot!

Overall, the Amalfi Coast is an unbelievably beautiful travel destination that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. It’s one of the world’s most breathtaking sights, and I highly recommend here for you travel aficionados eager to explore new places. It’s definitely one of the world’s most beautiful sceneries. If you’re looking for more of the world’s beautiful views to explore, make sure to check out “The Most Beautiful Scenery In The World” on! For more information on the Amalfi Coast and places to visit there, check out the coast’s official tour guide website at

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