It’s always important to be prepared, and items that you need in your everyday life can make a big difference. Everyone knows how frustrating it is when you head out the door with no wallet, phone charger, or car keys. Here are 7 practical items that should always be carried by everyone!

A switchblade

A switchblade is one of the most useful items a person can have on a day-to-day basis. From slicing items in the kitchen, opening packages, and breaking down boxes for recycling purposes, having a knife with you will make life much easier. If something needs cutting or whittling it is important not to leave home without your pocket knife as there are so many instances where they would come in handy. You can even have it personalize so it would feel more like something that’s part of you.

In addition, if someone gets stuck somewhere such as their car then being able to use your blade could help them free themselves from what has trapped them inside their vehicle causing damage but also saving money that may be needed elsewhere too! 

A good quality folding knife should always be carried with you because even if it’s just a cheap piece of plastic there is no harm done, however, sometimes people want more than simply a basic piece of equipment and want a nice, well-crafted blade that will last for years.

Your phone 

Phones have become an essential part of our lives. In fact, it is a much more practical item that you should always carry with you than many people realize! Phones are no longer just for making calls, they are also essential items used to access the internet, buy items online and take photos. Phones can even be useful in an emergency situation if you know how to use them properly!

You should always carry your phone with you because of all these reasons. If you have a smartphone then there are many items you can still carry with your phone even when it is locked. For instance, items like money cards (like Oyster), USB sticks, and swipe keys are all items that could be useful if you lose them or misplace them.

Phone charger

Since you’re carrying and using your phone all the time, you should make sure the battery is always at full capacity. A phone charger is an essential item that you should always carry with you, just in case your battery dies and the only place to find a power outlet is inside of a public bathroom or out on the street. Phone chargers come in different shapes and sizes so it’s easy for anyone to fit one into their bag or pocket. When you’re out and about, this is definitely one of the items that you shouldn’t forget to bring.


Another thing you cannot leave your home without is your wallet. Even if you are running out for a quick errand, make sure to take your wallet with you! If this is not an option, at least make sure that you keep your important items in one place so they won’t get lost or stolen while you run some other items to the store around the corner. 

Here’s a list of items you carry in your wallet that you need every day:

  • credit cards 
  • debit card 
  • driver’s license 
  • ID card 
  • insurance information of items you own (home, car, etc.) 
  • health care identification/card(s) including blood type and any allergies to medication


Wherever you go, it’s likely that the Sun will bother your eyes, so make sure you have a pair of sunglasses on hand. Even if the sun isn’t out, there is always a light source that can be bothersome for your eyes and make it difficult to see clearly. 

Wherever you go, bring along your sunglasses because they are important practical items people should always carry with them. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from bright or bothersome light, but they also protect them in the instance of an accident. 

Gum or mints for bad breath

You’ll always want to freshen up your breath while outside, and keeping gum or mints in your bag is a great way to do so. You never know when you’ll find yourself standing too close for comfort, and it’s always embarrassing if someone near you can smell something unpleasant on your breath.

Gum or mints are especially useful items that people should always carry with them because they’re incredibly versatile. Not only can you use them for fresh breath, but they’re also great items to pop in your mouth when you need something sweet.


You could get hurt or cut yourself at any time, so it’s always a good idea to carry bandaids with you. Bandaids are items that could be very useful because you never know when someone around might get hurt or cut themselves, especially if they are children. Bandaids tend to come in many different shapes and sizes, you should always have different options on you.

These are some essential items you’ll surely have a use for during the day. A knife comes in handy all the time, while a phone, charger, and wallet are probably the most important things. Sunglasses will protect you from light, while gums will do so from bad breath. Bandaids will cover smaller wounds that are bound to happen from time to time!

Published on Holr Magazine