MILAN, ITALY – JUNE 18, 2022: Woman with Paula Cademartori bag in brown and orange colors and embroidered details before Marcelo Burlon County of Milan fashion show, Milan Fashion Week street style

Embroidery is a timeless fashion statement. It’s an intricate needle art designers and hobbyists can incorporate into their clothing and accessories. Besides, wouldn’t it be fun to add a pop of colors and unique textures to your plain outfits once in a while? 

Embroidery has always enjoyed a following in the high-end fashion world. Expert designers use this technique to create sophisticated details into several clothing pieces to wear on red carpet events and prestigious fashion shows. You can incorporate these fancy details to make your everyday outfit look more luxurious, elegant, and artsy, like in the following: 

1. Minimalist T-Shirts 

Nothing beats the basics. So, incorporating embroidered designs into a plain T-shirt can add life, color, and texture to liven it. Unlike simple printing, embroidery adds intricate details that don’t overpower the sleek and chic look. 

Transforming your plain T-shirts for street and loungewear is fun and easy. You can DIY them by choosing patterns available online. You can also have them customized, especially if you’re giving them away to your friends or your family. You can read more about this affordable and easy option on different online clothing shops offering custom embroidery. 

2. Button-Down Shirts 

Button-down shirts are a classic wardrobe piece. You can layer them with a blazer during colder seasons and wear them as is during summer. It’s also perfect for smart casual outfits and everyday office wear. Because they usually come plain, adding your design is a great option. 

Incorporating some embroidered designs into your plain button-down shirt can transform it into a fashion statement. If you want something classic, floral and ornamental patterns are the best. These designs are stylish, timeless, and easy to mix and match with other pieces. 

3. Denim Jeans 

Customized denim jeans are becoming a fashion trend. Some even add designs by hand painting. However, these painted patterns can fade over time with typical wear and tear. Thus, embroidery is your best choice if you want a durable design. 

There are many ways to incorporate embroidery into your denim jeans. You can embroider the back pockets with unique patterns. You can also add beads and sequins when placing the design near the bottom hem to add more texture and character. Adding a small pattern to the watch pocket is also appealing if you’re not fond of large designs. 

4. Hats And Caps 

Embroidery is the best way to personalize hats and caps. Fashion brands usually embroider their logo on these accessories to make their mark. You can also do this on your personal designs, which you can DIY at home. 

Adding embroidered designs to hats and caps gives them a unique character. You can include small and subtle designs or large and eye-catching patterns. Custom embroidered hats are also perfect for family get-togethers and summer parties with friends. 

5. Coats And Blazers 

Embroidered coats, blazers, and jackets were a classy fashion statement back in the 1970s. It has always been a luxury and high fashion symbol, as you can see big celebrities and artists wearing them at concerts and red-carpet events.  

Embroidery is a loud fashion piece that can express one’s creative personality. Hence, incorporating unique embroidered designs on your coats and blazers can give them a touch of luxury and creativity. It’s also an excellent way to tweak and reinvent your wardrobe staples.

6. Bags And Purses 

Embroidery isn’t limited to clothes. High-end fashion brands also offer embroidered bags and purses that match any outfit. Their distinct design and texture can surely make your simple OOTD stand out. 

Incorporating embroidery in your fashion through bags and purses is the easiest way to add life to a dull outfit. The threads create intricate designs that emboss and add texture to any plain surface. Some designer brands also add beads, pearls, sequins, and gemstones to add a lustrous shine to their purses. 

7. Colorful Skirt 

If you’re looking for a clothing piece that would make you look youthful, an embroidered skirt would be a nice touch. It’s perfect for casual spring and summer outfits. You can easily mix and match them with tops and sneakers or sandals. 

A colorful skirt with an intricate embroidery pattern is perfect for those looking to tweak their current wardrobe. It’s a statement piece you can wear during picnics to complement the green grasses and vibrant flowers during spring. Plus, they’re easy to DIY. If you’re not fond of doing the embroidery yourself, you can always purchase embroidered patches you can iron on your plain skirts. 

8. Sweaters 

Embroidered sweaters are chic wardrobe pieces perfect for autumn and winter. Therefore, incorporating them into your wardrobe will bring a pop of colors to make your outfits look livelier. They’re also effortless to style, so it won’t take time before you can strut your way to where you’re going for the day. 

Sweaters with large embroidered designs go well with denim pants, shorts, and skirts. You can even wear them with a wide range of bottoms like maxi skirts and square pants. These flexible clothing pieces are perfect for those always struggling to decide what to wear for the day. 


Introducing a mix of modern and classic pieces to your wardrobe is one way to reinvent your style. Furthermore, incorporating embroidery in your fashion creates an eye-catching contrast that would make any simple outfit look more refined. 

Published by HOLR Magazine.